Soil Moist

cath41(6a)September 8, 2010

Has anyone used these gel pellets in pots for plants that like steady moisture? Soil Moist is only one of the brands. I have used it in the garden and been happy with it. It helps the survival of new plantings for the first year or two. However I have not used it in pots. Somewhere I read that it also keeps the soil from becoming too wet because it absorbs excess moisture.


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are those the marble sized beads they use for potting medium?

they are alot like hydroponic growing. theres no medium to absord water so there is no chance of root rot however watering and liquid fertilizing needs to be done regularly.

i grow citrus in containers, i am switching from a peat potting based mix to a bonsai mix of equal parts diatomaceous earth (turface MVP), bark fines and growers grit (turkey grit).

its been dubbed Als gritty mix, pretty popular in the citrus forum

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I use the Soil Moist 'Container Mix Plus' w/mycorrhiza and ferts, I put a pinch in with all my soils. To me it seems to make a difference but there could be many other factors involved. For sure my Hak Ip lychee responded very well to being repotted into new soil that had Soil Moist added to it. I've never taken the time to run controlled studies but adding it cant hurt. I've added to citrus, figs, annonas, artocarpus, salak, Spanish lime, muntingia, cacao, dragon fruit, epiphylum, etc.


Here is a link that might be useful: Soil Moist

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Mango Kush,
In my experience the gel is added to the soil mix. It is not the sole medium. If you add one tablespoon of the gel to one quart of water, in less than one hour the gel will have absorbed all the water and will have filled the container. You wouldn't have to add much to a pot.

I had planned to try Al's gritty mix myself but am having trouble finding the grit.

Thanks for the information. Do you use the gel because you garden in dry conditions?

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I originally bought it as a source for mycorrhiza, the rest are bonuses for me.


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