greetings all

kliddle(6b)December 11, 2007

new to garden web and just today found the Utah page. will try to contribute often. it is good to have a support group for any addiction.

with the forum was more active. i will spread the word (you can do the same).

seems like a few of you know each other so i will tell you all about me.

first name is kendal. i am 35, male, married with 4 kids. live in the harvard/yale area of slc (just south of the university). graphic designer by trade. love gardening, though my yard is a work in progressÂbought the house two years ago and am remodeling. the wife gets upset if i spend too much time in the yard when there is so much to do inside. front is 3/4 done, the back will one day be a formal kitchen garden. the formal fountain/pond is in, but looks somewhat out of place in the wreckage and desolation we call the back yard. hope to make some progress next summer. i am interested in anything green from orchids-local natives. i am the type of guy who comes home from vacation/business trips with seeds i found. i also have a passion for water gardening and ornamental goldfish (japanese ranchu). i plan to get some bees in the next few years.

would love to meet others with similar interests to share seeds, divisions and information.

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stevation(z5a Utah)

Great to have you here, Kendal! Yeah, the forum's been pretty dead since about mid-summer. We were in a pretty good groove last winter, and I suspect people will start coming again when they are thinking of spring planting ideas and such. I also participate on the Rocky Mountain Gardening forum here at GW, and it's a very active forum with a lot of friendly, helpful people.


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Kendal, welcome. I too am planning on adding bees this year. I hope to do comb honey, regular honey and pollen. Jones' in SLC is a good place to start. I have been flower farming for the past 15 years or so. I do several farmers markets and sell wholesale. I also am starting a CSA this year.

Steve, I too hope this site gets busy again. All the web sites I watch are slowing down (daves, I am not sure why.

Good luck to all!! Happy New year!


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