WANTED: Looking for Drought Tolerant Seeds

tkhooper(7)March 5, 2006


I'm new to this forum and please to find a local seed exchange. I love trading seeds and hope to have many more to trade as the season progresses. Last year was my first year gardening and I'm very pleased with the results so far.

These are the seeds I have for trade. And listed below that are the ones I am looking for. I have a small clay slope that I am planting on behind my apartment so I'm only looking for a few seeds of each variety. My packages have a minimum of 20 seeds per package.

Black Oil Sunflowers

Bell Peppers, Orange

Bell Peppers, Sweet orange

Bell Peppers, Sweet red

Bell Peppers, Sweet yellow

Chinese Houses, Innocence, Pagoda Flower


Chrysanthamum, White [look like daisies]

Cleome, White,

Chloraphytum Orchidastrum

Crambe Cordifolia

Exicgirda xmacrantha 'the bride'

Garlic, Wild,


Marigold 'Queen Sophia',

Petunia, mixed colors

Pumpkin, Pie

Rose of Sharon

Miniature Roses, Red

Rudbeckia, Black Eyed Susan

Snapdragons, miniature, red

snapdragons, miniature, mixed (just a few seeds)

snapdragons, miniature, pink

Shasta Daisy

Tall Primroses

Tomatoes (these came as a trade extra and I don't know the variety)

Tomatoes, Roma

Tomatoes (this one looked like a miniature beefsteak and tasted very good) A friend brought it to me and I haven't a clue what kind it is. There are only a few seeds in the packet.


Acorus gramineus 'Ogon' Sweetflag

Armoracia rusticana ÂVariegata" Horseradish, Varigated

Lithodora d. 'Grace Ward'

Aconitum fischeri 'Monkshood'

Agastache rupestris, Giant Hyssop

Acanthus mollis, Bear's Breeches

Alstroemeria 'Sweet Laura',

Peruvian Lily Alstroemeria ligtu,

Peruvian Lily Anemone hupehensis var. japonica 'Pamina'

Japanese Anemone

Anemone t. 'Robustissima' Windflower

Agapanthus 'Headbourne Hybrids'

Lily-of-the-Nile Agapanthus 'Snow Pixie'

Agastache foeniculum, Anise Hyssop

Arum italicum ssp. italicum 'Winter White'

Lords and Ladies

Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight' False Indigo Centranthus ruber 'Pretty Betsy'Red Valerian

Choisya a. 'Aztec Pearl' Golden Mexican Orange Cotoneaster dammeri, Bearberry

Bergenia 'Appleblossom' Pigsqueak

Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate Flower

Bletilla striata 'Aurea' Chinese Ground Orchid

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