WANTED: Fredericksburg-area exchange party?

goldengram75(7)July 7, 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum - and to gardening! We moved into our house last August, so this is my first full summer with a yard of my own. There's a lot I want to do, and it's been hard to do it all without breaking the bank!

I'm wondering if anyone in the Fredericksburg area would be interested in meeting up to do some swapping. We could add food and make a party out of it. I'm looking for a lot of things, especially hostas, ferns, astilbe, Russian sage, salvia, and lamb's ear.

I have TONS of iris to trade! (Purple, white and orangey-red.) I also have several rose bushes that I could part with, as I'm finding them difficult to take care of.

If anyone's interested, please let me know!

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Sweet Sakura(z7VA)

Welcome to GW, goldengram!

You'll notice the Virginia forum doesn't ge a whole lot of traffic. I hope you are also checking out the "Mid-Atlantic" section. MAG (Mid-Atlantic Gardening) has two big swaps each year - one in May and again in September. I went to my first one this spring and came home with lots of goodies. (and got rid of a lot of excess)

If you don't want to wait for the next one, I may be able to help you with some lamb's ear. I have Russian sage, too, but I'm not sure how to divide or propagate it. I'm always looking for irises I don't have, so I would be interested in your white ones. Possibly the orange-red ones, too.

I checked out your blog, and have to admit the part about creeping plants really made me chuckle! Sneaky devils.


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Thanks! I will definitely check out the Mid-Atlantic section.

If you are interested in the iris, there are a bunch of things on your list that I'd be interested in! I would be super-appreciative.

Just let me know!

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I'm game - I live in the Fredericksburg area. I am always up for a swap. The closest one that I know of is annually held at Morningside Nursery in Culpeper. They have a website and blog. My mother and sister would also be up for it. They both propagate various plants throughout the year. My mother actually has a great home to host at too. She has a pool with a tropical garden area, woodland gardens, as well as a creek garden. Lots of houseplants too. My mom would probably ask all the swappers to help dig and divide then she wouldn't even need to swap. Anyway thanks for posting your interest on this board. Maybe some more people in the area would be interested.

I have plenty of albomarginata hosta, lambs ears, evening primrose, datura(d.metel) seedlings, perilla, purple iris, and more. I also wouldn't mind just sharing since some of my beds are getting over crowded(and I would like to make room for more variety).

Anyway send me a PM if you'd like - lol - just saw how old this post was!


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Perhaps you can include Northern Virginia. Why don't you start an organizing effort. You need a site (maybe a farmers market or a business sponsor.) I would be interested and will help.

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