UPDATE: 8600+ Traveling Daylilies....Holy Smokes!!!!!

mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)July 27, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one of more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

We are currently working on our "Holy Smokes" swap hosted by our favorite angel, Mama G. Packages need to be mailed out by the 30th......that's this Saturday folks!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)


If you don't have a clue as to what i'm talking about, please see post #100 on the last thread. : )

Jo, the shower went wonderfully, thanks for asking. Everyone had a great time and my sis & hubby-to-be Matt got lots of wonderful gifts. I think we had about 40 people in attendance. Lots of fun.
Glad to hear you are back at work. Sounds like your position is just perfect. I don't blame you one bit......time is much more important. : )

The shower i'm hosting for my pregnant sis Jenna is next Saturday. I have just over a week to finish working on it. I'm going to do a few games and haven't totally decided on any yet. If any of you have a great baby shower game, please let me know.

My HOLY SMOKES box will be going out Sat. I worked on it today, but not quite finished yet. And tomorrow is kinda busy and not sure i'll make it. I get to go with my sister to her 2nd sonogram!! I'm thrilled that she invited me and I can't wait. Hopefully we will find out for sure if it is Brooklyn or Tyler : )

Barb, I hope you are feeling better today. You sure have had a rough couple of weeks. Here's a big, gentle ((HUG)) for you. : )

Anita, I miss you , darn it!

Debbie, just great to hear from you. I can't wait for pics.

Wonderful pictures from everyone in the last thread. Let's keep 'em coming, they help brighten my days.

Marea, are you moved yet? Trailering the Harley???? Why isn't he riding it? ; )

Speaking of Harley's, as some of you know, we have a 2003 Anniversary Edition ElectraGlide Classic. The 2007's are just coming out and DH wants one really bad. I really love our '03 and hate to see it go. *sigh*

I bought the coolest topiary for next to my future pond today. I've been on a waiting list for 2 years......and it finally arrived. Will show pics later. : )

I think my first attempt at a website is finally ready for public viewing. If you'd like to visit, click the link below. : )

Lots more to say but i'll have to come back later......

Hugs to all,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluebird Hill

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Ahh...hot men on a hot roof...

Why whisper in the garden? 'Cause a certain little girl behind me always ask "Mom, who the heck are ya talkin' too?"

The bobcat in the garage always cracks me up. Most people have corvettes in the extra bay :).

I talked to Anita last night and she is having trouble even reading GW now. Don't know if it is computer woes or alterier (sp?) motives with the GW police.

Jo, just keep smiling:)

Baby shower games...

Get a bunch of diaper pins and give one out to each guest as they arrive to pin on their shirt. If someone is caught saying the word 'baby' has to loose their diaper pin. The person who catches them say it gets the pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize. Tough to not say baby at a baby shower :).

If the daddy-to-be is attending, play the baby food game. Blind fold him and give him a sample of different baby foods to see if he can guess what food it is. Make sure to get some really nasty ones too , like broccoli and prunes :).

Cruise the web, I bet you can find a bunch of ideas.

My baby will be 4 on Sunday...sniff. (Anita, don't cry!)

I have tons of pics to show you guys from the garden. Here is a preview...

Later taters,

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

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I love seeing pics of our red haired baby doll. She is gorgeous Canna.

And of course Barb has to show us how smart hers is...reading before being able to walk....hummm.

Thanks to all of you who have missed my postings. I should have some pictures for you this afternoon. In the meantime, let me tell you about the Holy Smokes box I received from Sharon.

In the box she included this note:


Since this is the last Traveling Daylily Swap I will be in for a while, I tried to make it a little more special. Hope you like it....

Windchimes-I substituted the Lighthouse Wine bottle topper for the windchimes since you said you liked the lighthouses.I found this at a streetfair and couldn't walk by it.(I'LL HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF MY COMPUTER ROOM TO SHOW EVERYONE...IT IS DONE IN LIGHTHOUSES).

Decorative for your garden- I found this cute little dragonfly and fell in love with it. I have one in my garden now too! (I LOVE IT TOO)

Garden Magazine-House and Garden...(YEAH)

Iris-Immortality-it is white and is a rebloomer. It reblooms for me, the only one that did last year. (I AM JUST STARTING TO COLLECT NAMED IRIS)

Daylily-Pink Waikiki, because I thin you asked me for it before. (THANKS)

Flower Bulbs- Allium Gladiator or Globemaster, they got mixed and I couldn't tell the bulbs apart. (EITHER ONE WILL BE TERRIFIC!!!).

Something Purple-a grape candle, smell that grape! (HUH-OH, I BETTER GO CHECK THE BOX...I DIDN'T SEE IT) (I'LL LET YOU KNOW IF I FIND IT).

Something Pink-Mapping Florida Daylily (VERY PRETTY)

Something for a bird-well, I didn't send you something for a bird, but sent a small bird. Grin, I know you sew and thought you could use it. (SHARON IS TALKING ABOUT A CARVED BIRD IN FLIGHT THAT IS 4-5"X 2". IT HAS TWO SMALL HOLES THAT CAN BE USED TO ATTACH IT TO SOMETHING. LIKE A BUTTON OR A PIN. IT IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL).


Angel-Truly Angelic Daylily-one of my favorites. (AFTER LOOKING IT UP, IT'S ONE OF MINE NOW TOO).

Wearable-substituted the water faucet box. (I'LL HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE TO DO IT JUSTICE...I'M USING IT IN MY BATHROOM...LOVE IT)

Double daylily-Firebreathing Dragon(THIS IS A BIG DOUBLE. IT'S BEAUTIFUL)

Daylily markers- I've sent the tags back to you with the names of the plants I've sent. I was in the Dave's garden Co-op for the markers and have tons.

Sharon also sent along some old/antique buttons....She had no way of knowing this, but I have a large jar of old and new buttons that I have collected just because I just love buttons and when they're all placed together in a pretty container, they are breathtaking. One set of old buttons was attached to a lighthouse card. I'll just have to take pictures of all her handiwork.

Also, before I forget...everything was wrapped in a pretty floral drape that I will find a nice use for...

She also writes that she will miss all of us and hopes to get back to the group sometime, and that she will read the post whenever "she feels the need". LOL.

I wish you would stay in the group Sharon. Not because of the wonderful plants/boxes you send (which you do) but because I am just coming to feel like I know you. Sometimes people do need to get away for whatever reason and I am hoping you are just taking a vacation from the group and don't plan to leave permanently. Whatever you decide, please know that I wish you only the best and that I will miss you.


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Hello everyone.
Thanks for starting a new thread, Dawn. Keep posting pictures of your house... love watching your dream house come to life.

Happy birthday to all the July babies :-).

Everyone's pictures are so amazing... Carol, the seedling is awesome.

Sharon, sorry to hear you'll be leaving... I hope it's just a short hiatus and you'll come back to visit often.

Canna, great to see you posting again.

Jean, that epi is great. Do you have a name? If I had to guess, I'd say Padre.

My Holy Smokes box from Deni contained:
1. Windchime: oops... she forgot to put it in the box :-)
2. Decorative: A nice metal wall hanging with a pretty bird on it, and a large foam snail (did you make this?)
3. Garden Mag: Garden Shed
4. Iris: an unk tall bearded iris
5. Daylily: see below
6. Something dear: a crinium lily that she's had in her family for generations... how cool.
7. Spacecoast: see below
8. Flower bulb: a red/white amaryllis
9. Something purple: see below

  1. Something pink: see below
  2. For the birds: a two story wooden bird feeder
  3. Spider: see below
  4. Angels: a cute little bead angel charm
  5. Something wearable: a pair of garden gloves
  6. Double - see below
  7. Markers - nice double pronged aluminum markers with custom labels for all the flowers I received.

As for the daylilies, she included:
Fortune's Dearest
Serge Rigoud
Francois Verhaert
Mister Lucky
Kinchafoonee Red
Spacecoast Bold Scheme
Empire Strikes Back
Mildred Mitchell

I'm sure everyone is saying "Holy Schnoikies" by now...LOL. Thank you Deni. I wish I could post photos of these things, but my camera is dead. Expensive Nikon too... sigh. I hope it's an easy fix for the repair guy.

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Jo I don't know the parents of my daylilly it is a seed I got from sharon tma about three years ago, so can't register it. my car is another story, a car dealer advertised 5.00 cars so I got there early and got a 69 chevy for 5.00 it has ran good for 11 yrs, but think it may be dead for good. it was my dh's car but since I retired I let him have my newer car to drive to work. I think I got my moneys worth out of the car. I don't really need one but will probably get another one. Angie your box went out today missing three items that will be late. wanted to get the box out so couldn't wait for the 3 I am missing, hope you enjoy hugs carol

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Oh, these cute babies, I could eat them all up.

Baby shower games--we did the diaper pin game except we used tiny pastel clothespins we found in AC Moore.

We played Baby Bingo for two reasons--one for prizes, two to keep everyone focused on the new mom and gifts rather than table conversations.

I also had baby quotes set at each seat. When that person's gift was opened, they stood and read their quote. Lots of ooohs and aaaahs after each one.

Here are a few quotes:
A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for.

Making the decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~ Elizabeth Stone

Before you were conceived I wanted you
Before you were born I loved you
Before you were here an hour I would die for you
This is the miracle of love.
-Maureen Hawkins

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Just to let everyone know, I emailed MamaG to let her know I have to mail her HOLY SMOKES package out on Tuesday.....something has come up today and I won't be home until after the PO closes. And Monday is pretty hectic. I still have some digging to do, but otherwise it's ready to go. : ) Thanks G!

Dianne, thanks so much! Those quotes are an awesome idea...just beautiful.

And Canna, I love the ideas.....will definately be using them but I might try Dianne's clothespin idea in place of the pins. Going to be several older ladies there and I think the clothespins may be easier for them.
That is a precious pic of your little red-headed beauty. She really is growing up fast! Looks so smart in those glasses!
Beeuuuuuteeeeful Lotus. I've been waiting for mine to bloom for like 3 years now. I have 'Russian Red' and it gets tons of foliage, but still no flowers. I fertilize...wonder if it's still too young?

Barb, another great photo! Looks like she is going to be as smart as her Grandma. : )

Paul, what a great box from Deni. Hope you can get your camera fixed soon......love your pics too.

Debbie, you got a great Holy Smokes box too! Sharon is not only generous, but has been a wonderful friend here to all of us. I really wish that she comes back too. I am missing her already.

Where in the world is Marea? LOL Wonder if she is at the new place yet?? I cannot wait to see pics.

Well, I went to the sonogram yesterday........IT'S A GIRL!! Absolutely no question, the tech said. She is 6lb. 12 oz. and doing great. We are so excited about Brooklyn's arrival.

In construction news.....my electric panel passed inspection yesterday and now I just have to wait for the power company to come out and do their part. Hopefully next week.

In grass mowing news, I took my deck in for a small repair and some upgrades and in the meantime I am demo-ing a 56" side-discharge deck.....it is bad to the bone. I think I am going to buy a 72".....it will make mowing my new place much faster and easier.

Well, it's time for me to leave, but i'll check back in as soon as I can.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Well I'm back from vacation. It was loads of fun but soooooooo glad to be home. I actually came home a day early. My granddaughter had to come back early. She plays high school basketball and they were having a meeting. So I volunteered to bring her.

Sharon-Oh my goodness I cannot imagine you not being in the group anymore. I do hope things get better and you come back ASAP. When my daylily Mango Tango bloomed I thought of you. I know most all the daylilies I have received from the group and they have a special place in my gardens and my heart. Will miss you terribly.

Great Holy Smokes boxes everyone is receiving.

Barb-Everytime I get a pain I think of you. You are an inspiration to me. You are one awesome person. Hope the new cast gets more comfortable. (((Hugs)))))

Dawn-Love your bluebird hill website. That is a great idea. You can always look back and see the pictures of your dream home taking form.

Canna-Love that darling little red heads picture. She is so precious. Wow 4 years old. I remember when I joined the group and you posted a picture of her. She was so small then. Time sure flies.

Marea-Have you totally got moved yet?? Let us know.

Carol-A car for $5.00?? You definetely got your moneys worth if it lasted 11 years. A car dealership here does that when they get overstocked with used vehicles. They say if you get there really early you can really get a good deal in one.

Anita-Still miss you alot. Hope everything is well with you and your family.

Jo-Sounds like your job is going to be less stressful now. My job is very stressful. I have been thinking about looking for something else but there is not many job opportunities here. Just before I left for vacation they hired a lady to help me and she lasted 1 1/2 days. Said it was too much, she didn't think it was for her. I told my boss I was going to quit and see what they would pay me to come back.

Gloria-Are you still preparing for that grand wedding? It's getting closer.


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Hi everyone,
I stopped by real quick to tell you all what a wonderful "holy smokes" box I got from Mary S.

windchime-the cutest one with a bunny in a water can
Decorative anything-mini shepard hook w/heart
garden mag-birds and blooms extra
iris-gay parasol, AND raspberry blush
daylily-red magic
something dear from garden-Abby hosta,her very first hosta
spacecoast-substituted ruffled peach parasol(love it)
flower bulbs-oriental lilies Pesaro, AND Woodriff's memory
Purple-daylily chicago royal robe
pink-daylily Mary reed
for birds-tiny hummingbird feeder
spider-easy ned
angel-siloam angel's voice
wearable-gloves (needed, mine are done for)
double-fires of fuji
markers-tall metal ones(YAHOO) and smaller plastic ones!
AND-abiqua trumpet hosta, toooo coool.
AND....... she included pics of ALL the plants, so I didn't have to go online and look them up. Wasn't that sweet? I think that is just the best.
You did great Mary. And yes, I agree, we must have similar tastes. I checked out your list too (big grins)
huge thanks and big hugs,
Your box goes out on Monday.
bye all,

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

I'm too sick to type, so here's some photos:

Someone Else

She's a really little plant with a really big peachy flower!

Can I put up just one more of our baby?

Canna, your girl is the cutest li'l redhead I EVER came across. Those curls and the twinkle! So pretty!

I'm enjoying every post - back soon.


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6 pics from july
grab an ice tea and stroll with me!

BTW like them photos- esp. those chubby cheeks!

Here is a link that might be useful: pic

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Karen your gardens are gorgeous! All that color at one time, you suck! :) All my perennials are about half dead from this choking heat and no rain. Finally we got some rain yesterday. But, the tropicals are hoppin'! I have a plumeria about to bloom!

Barb, your little pumpkin is just tooooo sweet! I just wanna kiss those pudgy cheeks. Talk about twinkles in the eyes!

Shirley, I bet we passed each other going over the mountains! Doug, Maleah and I went to Dillsboro, NC to the Smoky Mountain Railway. We saw Thomas the Tank Engine. It rained on us until about 2:00, then we hit the shops in that cute little town and had lunch before heading back home.

Ok, one more pic of Maleah. Today is her 4th B-Day!

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Hey all,

Mary S,
I am so sorry, I forgot to add that you also sent me 5 really cool postcards of Sheldon IA. I really like the flag one the best, and she alsosent me the greatest handmade card. I am thinking of using the daylily on the front somewhere in our cookbook. I think it would be great.

We took the day off today. very little yard work this am, and then we packed a small picnic lunch and we took off for a drive in the country. Took our little chi with us, a bowl and some of her snacks, so she could eat when we did.
Nothing special, just drove around the countryside, looked at the gardens in peoples yards, looked at the fields, and forests, all the critters. We saw 2 squirrels and a chipmunk playing together. Didn't think they did that, but, we watched, and it was definitely play. Too cute.
Got home a bit ago. Now that it is a little cooler, we are going to get some yard work done. Have to plant 2 apple trees and some rose bushes.

Do you remember the cuttings you sent me of your roses? Well, one bloomed, I thought it was the cecil brunner, but, it has a soft red bloom. Can you tell me what rose you have that has a soft red bloom? It isn't 7 sisters either, only one bloom. I can't remember any of the others, none of them ever rooted. HELP!

She is just so cute, love the pics.

She is adorable. Hope you are ok. Please feel better fast. hugs.

I hope everyone had a great day,
big hugs to all,

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Canna, did you see us over by the Tank Engine?

Did I tell y'all that my youngest is absolutely nuts about trains?

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Canna-You must have visited Dillsboro on Saturday. It rained that day. I live only 20 minutes from Dillsboro. I love going there at Christmas time. They have all the little shops open until late and cookies, candy, hot cider, & etc. It is called the Luminaries. Gets you in the Christmas spirit. Carolers sing Christmas songs, very entertaining. Next time let me know and I will meet you somewhere.

Paul-Don't tell me you were in Dillsboro too!!!!!! All kids love Thomas the train, you probably have one in CA.

Barb-Post all the pictures you want. Love looking at that little doll. It is amazing how all the kids grow up so fast. I enjoy the pictures from year to year of all of them.


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

LOL, Paul! Yeah, I saw him there and about a thousand other little boys :). I took Coty to Chattanooga when he was 4 and had a blast. I still had a 35mm film camera and it was slowly going down hill at the time. All the pics of that event turned out grainy.

Shirley, yes we were there on Saturday. I would have emailed you but figured you were still on the other side of the mountains. I would love to go back a do an overnight excursion on the regular train that runs there. The shops were great to explore. I REALLY liked the Dillsboro Chocolate Factory :)!

Oh, Dawn, I meant to comment on your sisters baby weight. Her baby is already heavier than both of mine when they were born! Coty was 6lbs 10oz and Maleah was 6lbs 5oz, both full term. I am glad I had little babies. All my sisters had over 9lb babies!

Gotta go!

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namso(Z5 OH)

Good evening all,
checking in with some pics of a few new ones here
Passion District

Inky Fingers

trying to catch up but am way behind....:)

Sharon....i will miss you tons. hope you are back very soon!!!

Dawn, i love the name of your new place - Blueberry Hill. wonderful name for such a beautiful place. love watching your progess. & such excitement all around for your family..awesome. i am finally gonna send that Boo...mailing sat i hope.

Canna, your DD just keeps getting prettier! she looks so grown up :)

Marea, i loved your pic of Ancient Wisdom....very very cool. Hope things are cooling down there too! your trade box out sat too....LOVE those variegated iris you sent. they look neat even now.

Debbie, oh do post some pics. oh any fyi....my mom asked me why i have baby cow photos on my hosting site..lol if you remember from way back. guess i need to update. :).

Carol. if my understanding is correct, you do have the right to reigister that seedling. the hybridizer/owner/register is the one who is in full possession of the seedling when it first blooms. aka, techically, you would need sharons permission only if she sent you a bloomed seedling not a seed.
Can someone correct me if im wrong?

Breakdowns and such....guess i get to be in the crowd. think the Kubota transmission is gone. bummer. when i bought it, i got a deal as the transmission was going...7 years ago.

Jo- glad you are liking the new position....:). and HI back!

Anita, miss your posts too.

Karen - awesome garden pics!!!!!!!!!!!

Barb, your granddaughter is stunning! loved your photos too...such a nice calm presence to your gardens. hope you are feeling better...

MaryB - where are you at? :)

Shirley, hope you had a great vacation. oohh loved your photos on the last thread......:), need more..

Cat people....never been one. but have a new kitten. she moved in by herself (small tangent - WHY do people throw their kittens out in the country.....?? mostly we find them dead....dogs, cars, competing cats, whatever...).
but this one comes when called. and she is my new garden helper...apparently it is a help to bat the scapes when you are trying to pollinate. and its a whole lotta help to kill and tear to shreds the flag markers i set out. but the best is when the 1 year old puppy must crash through the dl to get at her. but darn it, she's so cute :)

ok a few more pics :)
Mystical Rainbow....this has been SO good this year

and i 2nd year seedling i love....those who are new to this....im having SO much fun with these....they turn out different year 2 as well.....so cool :)

Waiting for a break in the heat to get to work in the gardens again. guess i dont have to mow anyway lol.

Cindy O/namso

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

We gave ourselves the month of August to complete our moving this mountain of stuff & plants. Hired an Allied moving van (in the family) to haul the plants at the end of the month & have been lined up packs of friends to help on both ends. Big parties in fact. We lived up north for many years before our 20 year sojourn here in Ashland & i will be happy to be closer to my old friends up there.

Cindy - I'm so glad you saw the glowing in that Ancient Wisdom photo. My goodness you DO have beauty in that incredible lavender confection!

Mellen - I never mentioned how much i love YOUR photos in the past post!
Jo - we had a house full of "helpful" company when we were moving = rodeo.

I have mailed a small pkg to Maleah, canna. Birthdays should last weeks.

I have a house full of company - warmest regards to all of you ~m'

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Hi All,
Sitting here in the house trying to keep cool. DH had his nuclear stress test and heart ultrasound this AM. Then we hurried home to get in where it is cool. It was actually a little chilly in the hospital, but whew!!!, when we stepped outside WOW!!!

what a handsome (and mischievous, can see it in his eyes, too cute) young man. Trains are toooooo cooool. My grandson is into tractors, John deere tractors to be specific. Take him to a tractor show and he is in heaven.

Dillsboro at Christmas sounds so fantastic. sighhhhh, maybe someday.

I agree, small babies are so much easier. DD was 5lbs 9oz and only 17" long, DS 1 was 7lbs 1oz, DS 2 was 7lbs 6oz. I am hoping DD's is along the same weight so it is easier on her. Just found out I am gonna be a great aunt as well. My favorite niece is also expecting, due in April. The family has formed a support group for her and her finace', she has anorexia, and is seeing a nutritionist and a counselor, but she can use all the support she can get. The pregnancy was unplanned, but they are quite happy about it, just very worried because of her disease. She is being monitored very closely. Please say a prayer for her.

LOVE that orchid one, it is stunning. I have been trying my hand at hybridizing this year. It is so thrilling to see that pod form.(and so dissapointing when it doesn't) I do have lots of pods forming, so I am very pleased.
Glad to see you posting, missed you.

I agree with Cindy, it is my understanding that if it is your seedling, and it was grown by you from seed,(even if you don't know the parentage) you get to name it and register it. Just go the AHS website and you can get an application. All the info for registering a DL is on there.
Good luck.

Your "rodeo" sounds like fun. (smiles) Enjoy your company.

Mary S,
Your package(s) went out yesterday. Yep, 2 of 'em. One is smaller, the other is a long tube box. I hope they don't fry. LMK how they are once you get them.

well, back to doing nothing (grin)
have a great day everyone,
hugs all round,

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Hello again!

Jo, So glad you liked everything in the Holy Smokes boxes!
I will be on the lookout for your packages! I can hardly wait!

It has been so HOT here! Sunday on the way home from the lake we stopped at Walmart and the thermometer in the van read 104! YIKES! It has been really hard on my plants, especially the hostas. Many are getting a little crispy! The daylilies are finishing up here, but were very pretty in spite of the heat and drought. I try to water, but it just isn't the same as a good rain!
It is finally raining here tonight!

Marea, sounds like you are doing well with the move...all those plants...What an undertaking!

Dawn, Love to hear about the progress on your dream house!

Canna, your DD is so cute. Wish her a happy birthday!

Thanks everyone for all the b-day wishes!

Paul, your DS is a good looking boy. Is there mischief in his eyes? Reminds me of my DS at that age (he is a Korean adoptee)He is 23 and still full of mischief!

Barb, that baby is a doll!

Anita, miss you!

Cindy, Great pics! BTW, those iris are doing great!

Now for my exciting story of what happened today! Marea are you listening girl?
On a whim, I decided to enter some of my daylilies in the Garden Club Show today. It called for three stems of one variety. Well, with all the heat my daylilies are about done. I found 4 varieties to enter and then I had this single bloom of Ne Quitte Pas which our own Marea sent me last year. I put it in a vase 'arrangement' of a single flower and greenery. Flower arrangement is NOT one of my talents! I went out of town with a friend to celebrate our July birthdays. My DH called me on my cell that I needed to stop back at the show..... I had won the silver bowl, best of show with that arrangement! I was stunned! I will try to post a pic. I did not think the arrangement was that great, but I think the daylily was stunning!Here are my blue ribbon daylilies. My friend who calls me the hosta queen will now have to call me the daylily queen, LOL!

Try not to laugh too hard. This is small town Iowa! MaryS

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Cindy -

Is that really the color of your daylily, not messed with, actually that vivid an orchid color? Wow. Just smashing. What a perfectly gorgeous thing!


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Oh Mary Hosta & Daylily QUEEN!! Congratulations on all FOUR of your wins!! I am so HAPPY for you! i think your arrangement is stunningly lush & simply elegant. A silver bowl & that huge ribbon!! I am beaming with joy that 'our' little Petit did us both proud...

Dear Jo, I am so sorry you have my heat wave now. I know it is rough to take. My prayers that it will cool down there for you fast.


    Bookmark   August 2, 2006 at 3:39AM
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Marea, Yes, our little 'Ne Quitte Pas' daylily did us proud! Most of the other daylilies at the show were pretty common older varieties. Most folks around here have never seen anything like those piecrust edges on "our" baby! While I was there to get my picture taken for the local paper, I had several ladies ask where I got such a beautiful daylily. I told them a friend in Oregon! One of the garden club people in charge told me it was that beautiful daylily that caught the judge's eye!

Jo I got 1 Holy Smokes box today, the cube one! I was hoping the mailman would stop back with the other, but no.Hopefully tomorrow! I will wait to post the contents when I get the other box, but this one was awesome!!!! The 3 plants inside were perfect in spite of all the heat! I am so excited about all the other cool stuff too.


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Mischievous? Not my little boy... LOL. He's the baby of the family. It's amazing how they learn their position in the family and how they use that to their advantage. Here he's showing off some of the plumeria blooms for y'all.

I'm just glad he's out of the "I'm sticking my tongue out for every picture" phase.

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Morning all...It finally cool down and we got rain..Ok thunder storms..on and off for 4 days..lots and lots of rain.But so happy we out of the 100's,,I'm a little northern flower..that stuff was killing me..lol

Shirley hun..your box went in the mail yesterday..late.hopeing you see it on Fri..How was your vacation..tell us,tell us..smiles

Paul that epi is a unknown I got in a trade a few years ago..but what a beauty.
Love all the kid pictures..so cute

GRATS Mary on all your ribbons..to kewl

Love Passion District..nice colors..so bold

Hugs all,Jean

Sorry its unknown from Susan

Swiriling Waters


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namso(Z5 OH)

Good evening all,

Took the day off and got boxes out early: Marea, MaryB, Shirley, and Dawn. Sharon, if you check in...your iris is still potted. im holding it hostage for your return :)....or until the dl i want to send pods ripen at leat. grin.

MARY S - BIG CONGRATS!!!. The Silver Bowl...!!! Best in show....that is so awesome!!!!. you must be so darn excited! BOWING TO QUEEN MARY ! .i love your arrangement. it is both beautiful and elegant. im not suprised at all that it won. what are the other dl's in the pics, ok and the hosta leaves too? do tell all.

Marea, you sweetheart..."incredible lavender confection"...lol, think ill let you name all my dl's. :) lol. i was gonna name it "one sepal always opens pointed, sorry:".

Mellon, im sorry i missed you last post. your pics were lovely. i esp loved Condilla, it is one of my all time favorites and a standard by which all doubles should be measured imho. you just cant pass that one by and not go WOW. :)

Paul - i also missed complimenting your handsome young man. i see a gardedner coming in him too?

Jo, hybridizing....its my third year and still go out there saying...YEAH IT TOOK,,,or lamenting the days failure. amazing how excited you can get for a pod! just imagining what could be the result.

Barb, no Dr Blue here. is that color in the morning, lighter as the day goes on but the white edge is more prominent then. i admit to having a good camera though and to taking tons of pics so i get really good ones. but i wouldnt know how to manipulate one if you told me. :)
but that bad boy is lavender....not what i would call orchid at all....wish a had a pic next to its pink sis....you would say lavender no doubt.

Jean, i continue to love your photos. i wish i had your eye toward planting things together. what is the yellow sunflower like thing in the Cuddles pic? an annual? the combo is stunning.

Cindy O

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Fern & Black eyed Susans

Does anyone know the name of this Spider? I lost the tag

My iris Clarence is Reblooming

Jean this is the crinum I sent you MILK & HONEY

Cindy this is Francis Joiner that you sent me

Dahlia Bora Bora

Cindy I did not know you had Inky Fingers I would love to trade you for it if I have something you want. I love that Spider. It's beautiful.

Paul-Love those Plumeria blooms. The little guy makes them awful special.

mary -I hope to enter some flower arrangements in our local Fair in Sept. I will have to remember hosta leaves.
Those really look good in that arrangement. Congratulations on your win.

Jo-Wish you could come to Dillsboro and visit. Maybe someday. They do the train ride in the Fall for the Fall leaves. We get tons of visitors here in the Fall.

Jean-My vacation was spent in Pigeon Forge, TN. Myself and 5 other ladies took campers and spent the week there.
No men were allowed. They did get to go and set up the campers for us, then they had to leave. We did have a good time. I did not see Dolly this time at Dollywood.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Shirley, you & Mary See have the most refined landscaping of all of us, now that Dawn has uprooted...you never fail to amaze me with your subtle & stunning plantings! So happy you continue to share photos!!

Cindy ~ giggle right back. That sepal point is secondary. Thanks for making time to send me wonderful plants, too!

Here is 'Beyond Thunderdome' ~ another Hanson delight:

remember to get your bulbs from that flowersforme123 ebay seller...~m'

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

My HOLY SMOKES! swap arrived.

Gloria sent me a terrific box of goodies!

1.WINDCHIMES - Pretty Goldfinch wind chime!! Love it - hung it just outside our door, where it the finch looks almost real against the woods beyond.

2.DECORATIVE ANYTHING FOR THE GARDEN THAT YOU YOURSELF WOULD LIKE IN YOUR GARDEN - Handpainted, heart-shaped slate garden sign, black with purple pansies and my name, beautifully done, so nice!!!

3.gARDEN MAG. - Gloria concluded I don't read garden mags much, (true), so sent me People instead. Great! Got my gossip and celebrity fix.

4.IRIS - Iris 'Hagar's Helmet', a yellow little one, with a beautiful dainty bloom - perfect!!!

5.DAYLILY - Sent 4 altogether.

6.SOMETHING DEAR FROM YOUR GARDEN WITH A LETTER STATING WHY... - Well, shoot, not in so many words but it was a VERY generous, thoughtful box.

7.DAYLILY SPACECOAST ANYTHING..Substituted 'Scott Fox' - beautiful, beautiful 'Scott Fox'!! Could I be happier?? Not much.

8.bulbs OF ANY SORT - Sent me yellow Calla lilies, peacock orchids AND my 1st Dahlia 'Blackberry Ripple'.

9. something purple - Daylily 'Emperor's Dragon' - What a striking daylily! My favorite color - a Munson! Love this one.

  1. somethng pink - Daylily 'Soft Summer Night' - just a luscious flower.

  2. something for a bird... or birds...( guess who..grin) - Actually SENT a bird - see "1. Wind chime" above. (You'd like it, Dawn!!)

  3. spider daylily - 'Kachina Dancer' - everything she sent was lavender/purple, pink or yellow. Good taste, our fearless leader has!

  4. angel something another cool idea!!! 2 white spider lily bulbs??? The heart garden sign? She sent the best smelling little candle in a pretty holder with flowers and my name and personal traits, like a palmist might guess. So soft and sweet. Better, loving things than an angel anyway!

  5. something wearable for the garden - The most perfect apron - fits JUST RIGHT for a sitting down little person - and all purple pansies besides! I'll remember this as the summer the pansies bloomed on my deck from April til August, and Gloria sent me pansies, too.

  6. a dayliy which is a double....The Dahlias are double.

16 DAYLILY MARKERS, TAGS ECT.. A whole buncha neat little plastic tags, great for seed starting nuts like me.

A wonderful box, Gloria, everything, I mean EVERYTHING!, something I would have chosen myself.

Gloria, LMK if I'm forgetting something - I'm typing this from memory.


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Hi to everyone!

I received my Holy Smokes box(s) from Jo and let me tell you all she really can pack a box! On Wednesday, I received a box with a yellow hibiscus (grown from seed),
a bear breeches plant (sub for garden markers), Candy lily also grown from seed, the cutest gardening rubber stamp set(sub for a garden magazine.....I'd say a great substitute for me as I love to stamp), a darling flip flop bird house(for the birds) and a cute gardening totebag with pockets on the outside (something to wear...works for me!)Actually its too darn cute to take outside!
On Thursday, (if you could possibly top the first box)She sent:
wind chime made by her DH with the nicest sound!
2 metal plant hangers (decorative anything for the garden)
Iris...Finalist and Sultan's Palace
Daylilies:God is Listening, Wedding Band,Fruit Loops, and Elizabeth Yancy!
Something Dear: Lemon Lily from her mom...over 75 years old!
Spacecoast: Spacecoast Krinkles YEA!
Bulbs: Heirloom Dafodil bulbs from her mom
Purple: Laura Harwood DL
Pink: Pink Lemonade mix
Spider: Baitoushan
Angel something: small fairy statue for the garden
Double DL: Double Dreams
Everyone of these plants were totally new to me! Thanks again Jo...you did great!

The weather finally cooled off and we got over 2" of rain...very much needed! At the lakehouse we got 4" so everything there looks great.

Lovely pictures!

Marea, You are too kind. My landscaping plan is just stick it where I can find room! I later may move things around!MaryS

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Happy Saturday everyone!

HOLY SMOKES! I got my package from Mama G. and let me tell you, it was packed with wonderful things. Keep your eye out for my next post......i'll list the contents.
Thanks G.! I love it all.
Due to the heat last week and craziness of my life, my box to G. is going out late. She knows and said she'll forgive me if I include M & M's. ; )

Today is Baby Shower day! I've been up since 3am. I am holding it at the golf course where I work, outside in a huge pavillion. The weather is supposed to be spectacular today and i'm happy about that. My sister called me yesterday and is very excited. I hope everyone comes.

Speaking of the golf course, what a morning we had yesterday....a man crashed through the chain across the entrance, drove all over the course tearing it up, then drove over a cliff but luckily his truck got hung up on the asphalt curb and that probably saved his life. The best part......he was NAKED!! Yes, completely nude. The only thing on his body was a bunch of grass stuck to his feet, LOL. There were beer cans littered everywhere, broken glass, and a whole bunch of money was scattered outside our equipment garage in a big puddle. We laughed all day.....it was just the wierdest thing that's ever happened up there.
My boss got our backhoe & a chain to pull the dangling truck out, and made Mr. Naked hook the chain up himself, LOL. What a hoot!

I have alot of catching up to do and will chat a bit more later.

I would like to tell MaryS CONGRATULATIONS on her awesome news! That is so cool! The whole T.D. group is proud of you.

One last thing......if you may recall I sent out an email regarding a new member request and Deni had offered to set up a trade. Deni, have you talked with her? I haven't had time to email. Also, if you haven't voted, please do so. I'd like to send her an email on Monday. Thank you and big hugs!

Well, I better get moving. I still have Baby Shower things to do.

Have a great day everyone!

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Hey gang,

I would like to trade for the following.

I'd like a short and a tall type of BRIGHT YELLOW COSMOS. ( Not pastel) I have 'bright lights' and 'cosmic cosmos'- which are tall and short orange types to offer.

I am not keeping the following rhizomes and would trade for something else:

RAIN LILY BULB-I got two in trade and one did bloom the other died. I have pics if interested in more specifics- like the spec. name...

ALOCASIA x portora or portodora - however you want to say it- It will not make a leaf I can stand under in zone 5 like the one pictured in a warm climate on ebay- where I bought it for $20. Gees.....

I have some seed grown CANNA rhizomes from the hybridizer marcelle shephard's collection.
"orange county texas' is a tall orange
'red ribbons' is a mid height red
there are a few others - if interested I will go read the tags- all green leaf types.

I just discovered my 'N. SEA OATS' from seed that I've been pampering all summer are nothering more than a local weed grass! So much for that one in my flower arrangements!

Please don't email me about a trade here on the forum as I don't get back here regularly just email me personally and I'd hate to miss your post.

So far no red tomatoes- I even planted a siberian variety! Next year I'm just going to buy an early girl as everyone else has beat me- again.

Anyone familiar with PORTERWEED- purple. I take it it's just an annual in zone 5? I like the flowers which are just emmerging. I wonder if it survive transplant if I moved it now to the show garden? Is it invasive in zone 5 like in FL?

I just did my first international seed trade. Australia doesn't take that much longer than an US trade!

ANITA- your var. obediant plant is a nice performer:)

DENI - when did you want the cerastium was it this month? remind me.

MAREA- I only lost one variety. So far so good:)

JANET- nice to hear from you:)- just regular plain old blue larkspur. I don't have a specific name.

GLORIA- I sent you a little something.

I have some major size plants to try and move. Better get my arsss out of the chair---have a great day!!!


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Hi everyone,

Had a moment to read and post. I'd love to make a million comments on what has been shown and written, just don't have the time, but just know I think of you all often.

For those who received seeds from me where Open my Eyes was a parent ... go to Tinkers and find the pictures of a seedling called MY OH MY x OPEN MY EYES. The eyes that Open My Eyes are throwing are great!


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Very sorry to hear your news.

I am praying for you. I firmly believe in the power of prayer. Do tell your church prayer chain too.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Hi ya'll,
MaryB from NY is my trading partner for the Holy Smokes Swap. I got a "OMG HOLY SMOKES I'm late!!" email from her this morning. I replied that i loved her unconditionally & did not care that my swap box was late. She has had a hot & hectic heat wave her own self & i knew just what she meant. Love, Forest. umm, i mean ~m'

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Oh great day. I had my box from Jean all typed out and lost it. Grrrrrrrrrr

Be back later.


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Jean thank you so much for the wonderful box you sent to me.
1. Windchimes/Frog candleholder that hangs (This is so cute, I love it)
2. Decorative/Plant pick Fairy,Moon & Sun (Yes Jean it arrived safely &
I'm so very glad, I just love it)
3. Garden Mag/Country Gardens (Can't wait to check out this mag.)
4. Iris/Singing Angel (Thanks Jean)
5. Daylily/Time Lord (Looked it up, just beautiful)
6. Something dear to your heart/daylily from Axelrose (This will be
very special to me because it is to you Jean)
7. Spacecoast Daylily/Sub. Hosta Kiwi Full Monty (Oh my goodness
thank you Jean. I really like the dark & light green combinations?
8. Bulbs/Denia (thanks for the asiatic lily, I want all these I can find)
9. Markers/Sub.Hosta Ice Cream (Have just the spot with my other
minis and small hostas..YEAH

  1. Something Purple/Daylily Hamlet (Jean I like this one too, thanks)
  2. Something Pink/Daylily Parian China (I even like the name of this
    oneÂWoo Hoo more daylilies)
  3. Something for Birds/Hummingbird Food & Feeder plus one Cling/N feed
    thistle sak..(Getting my thistle seed todayÂI love all the little birds that
    visit the yardÂGot to keep them coming)
  4. Spider Daylily/Easy Ned (Love those spiders)
  5. Angel/Fairy plant pick (Goodness this is cute)
  6. Double Daylily/Vanilla Fluff ( I looked this up and it is beautiful, thank
    you Jean)
  7. Wearable/Atlas Gloves (tried these on and they feel wonderful on your
    handsÂNo wonder you love them)
    Daylily Feather Down
    Hosta Tea & Crumpets
    Hosta PoPo
    Siberian Iris Maranatha
    2 Potpourri tarts
    Candy (My candy was all melted, this awful heat melted my candy. It looked
    scrumptious too.)
    Precious Jean, everything in the box made me smile. My DD could not
    believe all the wonderful things I took out of that box. I told her how great
    all the trades were that our group does. They just get better and better.
    I needed the hostas to fill up a small/mini bed I started. So excited about all my goodies.

Where is everyone at????

Marea-Thanks for the nice compliment on my landscaping. SOmetimes some of them just turn out just right.

Carmen/Lisa-Thinking of you today and everyday. Hoping today is a good day for you. We really go through lots of trails in our life. Stay strong and keep the faith.

I found this at a yard sale Saturday. I named him Freddie and plan to put him by my pond. He stands 3' tall. Only paid $2 for him. I'm going to re-paint him like a farmer.
He looks like a butler now.


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DRESS $200.00 BRA $70.00!!!! WHO... WHO PAYS 70.00 FOR A DANG BRA....







YOUR GARDEN - Cobweb house leek in red minimug (plus an even cuter mini




Everything's WAS dear because DH Phil or HER girls planted it . DL 'Leona
Esther' is in memory of my wonderful MIL Leona. There WAS A LETTER ABOUT HER


8. FLOWER bulbs OF ANY SORT - Ornithogalum caudifolia (longibracteatum?)
- Pregnant Onion

9. something purple ? Three > purple things - Veronica, DL

  1. something pink - Pink/variegated leaf AV (purple fringed flowers)
    baby coming up

  2. something for a bird... or birds...( guess who..grin) - Root basket

  3. spider daylily (cool...'Milady Greensleeves'

  4. angel something another cool idea!!! Angel I
    SHE SWED BY HAND, AND STUFFEDS WITH sweet smelling dried plants.. SMELLS AWESOME!

  5. something wearable for the garden.. gloves ect, - Foldable hat..PRETTY PINK FLOWERS...

  6. a dayliy which is a double.... DL 'Sanford House'


The Vital Life-Giving...chocolate!!!
Hosta 'Noah's Ark'
Oenothera glazioviana 'Tina Banks'
Digitalis 'Pam's Choice'
D. purpurea
French pink pussywillow






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I love all the pics, cute kids. I babysat 6 yr old grandson a couple of days ago. dh and I were totally worn out. no holly smokes box for me yet. what is the mail date for deni's fall swap? I can't get movies from gloria either, no one loves me. hugs carol

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Who pays $70.00 for a bra????? I'll tell ya' who.....ME! LOLOL. I just paid OVER $70 for a bra for my sister's wedding. Absolutely absurd!
MamaG, we should start our own brassiere company, lol. These guys are making a killing!

I love Freddie!! Great deal Shirley!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

$70? I think I have spent that much total on brassieres in 5 years time... Danskin sport bras at Walmart for $12 bucks! I wear them under my bestest dress :)

So, Paul, how much do you spend on yours?


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No comment ;-). Let's just say I need all the push-up help I can get...

Deni, your final thing for the Holy Smokes is drying now, so I should have it out this weekend.

Poor Carol is feeling unloved. Let's all send her some love...

It's been cooler and drier these days, so I'm beginning to congeal back together.


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Whew!!!So Gloria actually liked my root basket bird thingie. These all come out different, and yours, Gloria, was a big sucker, and messier than usual cuz I was too hot and hurrying both, and I figured you might just open the box, find the birdnest and say

oh... my... goodness... what is this mess?

so now I feel much relieved.

No I didn't take a picture.

Paul, your littlest looks like the greatest, feistiest little guy!!! Beautiful flowers you grew, and your littlest holds them with a gardener's respect. In a few years...v
Dawn you crack me up! What a collection of vehicles!! I see why you need a suitable big big garage with secret tunnel.

You must be SO excited about your little neice! Doesn't it just kill you waiting to see who they are? Not long now!

I'll miss you, Sharon, and your wonderful garden. You've been so generous to everyone here! You always seem to have such well chosen plants, beautiful and just right. I put stuff in, watch it grow a season or three, then pull out what I goofed with. Wish I had your planning skills and good taste, Sharon. Do come back soon!

Carol - I can't get over your $5 car!

Dianne - I loved your baby shower quotes - sent them on to DD Jess. She is awed by her baby, amazed at the depths of her feelings. Her little Shi Tzu, that was her constant companion before the baby, is sad now. She is a one person dog, and now there are two.

Shirley - I'm sorry your job is getting you down. Funny, isn't it, that about the time you get really good at a job, they find more work for you to do? And seldom seem to get you any decent help? You write the best, warmest posts. Love hearing from you! Excellent frog! Excellent!

Some of my daylilies have pods - I may try growing the seeds and see what happen! Your 'Cinderella's Dress' set big pods, Deni, and there were some big lovelies blooming at the same time, so maybe I'll get something nice.

Well Paul and girls, it's good to know everyone is considering their uplift...


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Hi All,

I am so far behind, I doubt I will EVER catch up.

Can someone send me the list of things for Deni's fall swap, I seem to have mislaid it somewhere???

I am with you, I buy the same ones, LOVE them. So comfortable, esp at work. It is against my religion to pay more(big grins)

Happy Friday!!!! Hope your day is warm, with sunshine and lots of hugs and flowers.

Hang in there, the end is in sight, then you can collapse and rest. (smiles)

He is adorable. Great find. Are you gonna put something in his hands? (pot of flowers?)

Hello to,
Barb, Paul, Marea, Dawn, Karen, Sharon.(hope I didn't miss anyone)
Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Please someone send me the info for Deni's swap =)

hugs to all,

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Mammabear nice to see you post, I miss your posts. Angie are you ok? Thankyou Paul and Jo for the hugs, I need to know mailing date and info for fall swap also. got lots of dahlias in bloom. nice late summer blooms. I have some pods on a few of my days no planned crosses tho. Paul your son will grow up to be a lady killer.good luck with your up lift

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Jo-Yes I'm going to look for one of those fish that talked. They were abundant at one time and I have seen them at yard sales. Do you remember those? It sung several different songs. When I find one again I will take it off the board it comes on and lay it in Freddies hands. I remember seeing him in magazines. He was a butler holding trays I think.

Carol-DH and i just baby-sat our 2 year old grandson. Wow he's active. I was only 38 when my granddaughter was born. Whew now I'm 54, alot of difference. We take turns entertaining him. Wish I could bottle that energy.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Shirley, I see that Singing Bass for sale at the second-hand stores often, maybe he's on eBay I love that thing, too, but so many people have him on their wall around here that i don't need one. West Coast IS different, huh? lol

Jo, i assume you got the swap info right away? It is a september swap with boxes to 2 people. I am guessing Deni will post about it so that you get it right, but the assigned person's box should include:
1 daylily
1 iris
1 perennial flower
1 Spring bulb
1 Forcing bulb
1 Fall decoration
and anything else you want to include.
The second Box should be to the person who you think should be the first to win the Traveling Daylily Angel Award, and can include whatever you want.

What's BLOOMING? What are every ones late daylilies? I have Orchid Corsage, Dragon King, Bonanza, Miles Davis, Oct 31st & my new John Peat blooming today...

Off to Walmart for a danskin ~m'

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

I have Kwanzo still at it, Leona Esther reblooming and 1 I got from Shooter this spring I've already lost track of. How do daylilies DO that?

Planted Blue Mist Spirea, Goatsbeard (who here wanted 1? See? I've lost track of that, too!!), gloxinifolia and Heywoodii foxgloves, red trumpet vines and blackberry lilies today. We're beginning to be able to see the deck again.

Tired tonight. Think I'll turn the heel on a slipper sock I'm knitting for DD for this winter, and otherwise just lie around.

Reading everything from everybody! Great boxes, pictures, stories, information!


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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

I've had DL MADLY RED blooming this past week. It was planted in June and just now blooming.


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I have about 3 daylillies blooming, ones with lost names, lots of dahlias, easter lilly, oriental silk road and tom pounce. orange and yellow crocosmia. today dh and i walked a couple blocks to the utility property, lots of blackberries, we wished we could get to all the big ones in the middle, and walked to the back of them, where we found a path that led to the middle with a big cement pad with lots of berries hanging over, we picked a bunch, came home and made 15 jars of blackberry jam. I feel proud, so far this year I have done dill pickles, cucumber chips, plum, blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and blackberry jam, gonna try to can some applesauce tomorrow, spiced pears when they are ripe. Paul we are in the mid 60's here we had a week of 90's. how can you live in that heat? I have a daughter that lives in bakersfield, her dh is stationed there, she misses seattle. 70.00 for a bra, no way, I had a triple bypass then the wires holding my chest togeather broke so they had to go back in so I have a scar down my middle, nerve damage so still sore after two years, middle of bra irritates it so I finally found a sports type at 5th avenue 30.00 but only thing that isn't painful. darn doctor or actually it was a nurse that broke me.hugs to you all. one of my dahlias

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Carmen & Lisa-Thinking of you today. May you both be touched by God's hand and healed. Hope you both are ok. Sending hugs and caring your way.

Barb-I think of you also. You are a very strong lady, keep the faith.

Marea-I used to have the talking bass and sold him. Just got tired of it. I hope to find one again.

Carol-You little Susie homemaker you. Wish I could get that motivated. When my DH's sister got married she told her husband to be right up front. 'You're not marrying Susie homemaker, I don't cook, hate cooking'. I still laugh about it. He still married her though. Love that Dahlia.


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

I placed an order with Bremen Blossoms Daylily Farm for a bunch of plants with family names. I haven't heard BOO from them. Anyone have a phone number I can call to contact them? Or, does anyone have these to trade? I especially want the first 4.

Ann Kelly
Ben Lee
Dan Tau
Uncle Bryan
Elaine Williams
Erin Christine
Forever Loving You
Little Rich
Pretty Carol

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namso(Z5 OH)

Shirley...awesome pics. i'd love to be as well rounded gardener as you. And great frog you found! too cool. love them...my favorite scuplture i have our own dear Ms Debbie sent. im not sure what its supposed to be but to me it looks like two frogs who are very much in love. :) (sorry G :)

Marea, Beyond Thunderdome is beyond cool! love that color. blooming here best today is Palimino Moon on rebloom. had for a couple of years but not impressive until this one. has been awesome on both original and rebloom.

Does anyone know what is up with DG TNN#1, please email if you do. im about to get a refund from my credit card, sounds like something is way wrong.

Cindy O/namso

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I know dg tnn1 is being run by Jody who was nature farmer on here, she is honest, but has some health issues, I believe we will receive our orders in good shape. that being said, patience is a virtue and she cannot afford to be stuck with these plants. I need Jo's questionaire please hugs carol

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Cindy, I agree about B. Thunderdome, explemplatives just don't work. EVERY Hanson purple is a different color crayon in the box & they all have such presence! I am dreaming about growing my Hansons on raised burms with rainbow waves of all those shades of purple...
No help with your DG, hope all OK after all.

Dianne, I copied your daylily list onto my Dianne page in my TD notebook & will watch for them - if your boat doesn't come in there, ok? I saw something of you in the DVD movie FARGO that Debbie sent out on our DVD robin. Heroic & junk, ya know...

Carol...your dahlia is exquisite! I am loving being able to watch you fill that huge yard UP with all your beautiful choices! Praying for your healing, too.

Back out to water, marea

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

I also know Jody aka nature farmer from past trades on GW. I agree with Carol that she is honest. I also know that she has had health issues. Unfortunately they just happened to flare up at the wrong time. Don't know how she could prevent that, does anyone? I don't have my plants yet, but I am trusting her and not going for the refund. Best wishes, Mary Ellen/Mellen

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namso(Z5 OH)

Thankyou carol and Mary Ellen, i will try and excercise more patience and hold off for awhile anyway. i do hope things end up ok. :)

Marea, oh what an awesome garden idea that would be!! a hanson purple rainbow........they are such good garden performers here too. are you breeding them too? i got a ton of seeds off of Odds and Ends this year.

Diane, will keep an eye out too. hope your vendor comes through though.

Carol, looked but dont have Jo's...


2006 seedling. i lost all the names on these...but im betting ive managed to take out all the pretty color from Neusa Bergmann and turn it into a miniture mixed with something of Grace Stamiles. thought it was interesting though.


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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Good Morning Everyone,
Have just a couple of minutes to stop in to say hi. I've been trying to read and keep up these past couple of weeks. Love all the pictures as usual, especially that Beyond Thunderdome, Marea. I am REALLY liking the dark purples and deep reds with an edge this year.

Life here continues to be busy. Almost looking forward to summer coming to an end so things will hopefully settle down a bit. Seems like it's one thing after another to keep us running.

Tried my hand at hybriding this year also. It is very satisfying to see that seedpod forming. And ofcourse in your mind's eye, every cross you make will have the best characteristics of each flower and turn out exactly as you picture it and most beautiful. I know this will not be the case, but it's been fun to dream of what could come. My 11 year old daughter also chose learning to hybridze as part of her summer homework that she has each year of learning something new over the summer. She herself has made some pretty good choices in crossing. She has her report partly finished and I am amazed at how much knowledge she has come away with about the whole process and just daylilies in general. It was a great learning experience for us to do together.

Marea, emailed you - box is on it's way.

Cindy, I too have concerns about my TNN#1 order at DG. I am trying hard to be patient also. I don't know Jody at all, but usually have a pretty good feel for people. I believe she is honest and will eventually try to get everyone their plugs out in the mail. My biggest concern is the actual health of the plugs at this point. I know they must be really declining after this much time has passed. I believe that Dawn and maybe Anita had quite a big order with her. It's sad to see what's going on over there though, but something needs to happen soon.

Daylilies still blooming here - Spacecoast Double Edge, Malaysian Monarch, Dallas Star, Lady Lucille, Sil. Jerome Pillow, Miss Jessie. Nothing too exciting but glad there's still a few going. Sad to see it coming to an end.

Gotta get a move on - have a trade to dig and get in the mail this morning. School shopping in the plans for this afternoon.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi gals & guys!

I'm sorry for not posting much.....just so busy and no spare time. I've been reading the posts though, and trying to keep up. I'll post more as soon as I can.

Just wanted to let those involved in the TNN co-op #1 that yes, Anita and I are also involved and do have large orders. My order includes plants ordered by Cody as well. I've been very patient and am giving her the benefit of the doubt. I finally Dmailed her today with a friendly note asking when my plants will be shipped. If I don't get a response, I think i'll have to ask Anita to get out that can of Whoop@$$ that she's been saving for a special occasion. LOLOL
Seriously though, I realize she has some medical issues and i've sent her a few encouraging Dmails along the way, hoping she gets well and also gets the co-op finished up successfully. She really seems like a nice gal and i'm sure she's having a really tough time now that everyone is cancelling their orders and getting refunds.

Oh Cindy, Tremor and your seedling are just lovely!

I haven't had much time to check out what is blooming in my yard (sad, I know), but I did see good 'ol 'Happy Returns' blooming it's little heart out by the pond. And I must say, 'Fragrant Treasures' has to be one of the best DL's of all time. It has bloomed ALL summer with no breaks. Amazing!

BABY WATCH: My sis is due in 9 days!!!

BLUEBIRD HILL UPDATE: We have power! Finally, the electric service is complete. Got my first window and door quote yesterday.....GULP........guess i'll keep shopping around, lol. On my way over there right now to try out my new mower deck. I bought a 62" and I can't wait to see how much faster I can get the job done.

Still have to post all my goodies from MamaG. She sent the prettiest heart-shaped slate with my name painted on it w/ Pansies. I am going to hang it in my new Hosta garden at the new place. I also got a wonderful, Pansy apron that will come in handy. I'm a messy cook. : )
She sent a beautiful candle that also has my name on it. There is more great stuff and I will show you the rest later. Love ya' G!

I must run, but hugs all around........

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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bourret(z5a Maine)

Hi All,

Just checking in to see how all of you are doing. I'm sorry about not posting more but it's hard to sit and type with my back hurting so much. I don't see a specialist until October. My doctor told me they're all booked up until then.

I love the photos you guys post. Paul your son is adorable!

Keep the daylily pictures coming. They make me smile so much. How I wish I could go outside and garden because it's a gorgeous day today.

Carmen, hope you are keeping your spirits up.

I haven't been able to send my holy smokes trade out yet. My husband, Paul, said he would help me pack a bunch of good things up to give to Anita.

Talk to you all later. I'm going to go sit on my couch with my heating pad. The heat feels wonderful!


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Hi guys, it has been awhile, the storms a few weeks back kept me busy some were without power over a week. A tree came down completely on one of my daylily beds, everything thing here looks half dead. It took me and my dad two weeks to get the mess cleaned up.

My box from Carol was great.
I received very nice windchimes that make the most wonderful noise
sunset garden magazines
Iris Honey glazed
Triumphator Lily Bulbs _ Huge
Purple candles
Pink-a little friendship plate
A neat birdfeeder for the birdies (I am going to wait to put it out in the fall when they are looking for food)
A handmade visor-very, very, cute
copper markers
3 daylilys and for the life of me I can't find my list- Carol can you resend the names?
Oh and a raido with earphones, my son loves them.
And a green frog statue for the garden

Great box

Everything was great.

This truely has not been a good year for my gardens, everything looks crappy. At the beginning of the season I moved about 30-40 daylilys to a new spot as the bed they were in were being taken over my some kind of weed. Those nice big clumps are now 1-2 fans, they are horrible. I about ready to throw in the towel, I just don't have the time anymore. My son was in baseball this summer and it was 2-3 nights a week. I think I am going to have to downsize!!!!

Those in the TNN #1 coop, I would definately be doing a chargeback. I hate to say it, but I received my plants in the first shipment (thank goodness)and potted everything up and have been taking care of them and I have still lost some. Of couse a few were dug up by squirrels and I didn't catch it in time. But I don't see how those little plugs could have survived this long without being repotted. I have 1 of 6 geraniums alive and 1 of 3 corydalis alive. And they didn't look the greatest when I got them a month ago. I hope she pulls through this.

Carol, your box finally went out.

Mary I will be sending you paypal this weekend.

Dawn, I would love to see more pictures of your house project!

Dirtpig great pictures. If you seen my brug I got from Susan you would laugh. It looks like one of those big stick pretzels. It lost all of its leaves but it is still alive after 2 years! I am ashamed. I should pass that poor thing along in one of our boxes, maybe someone will get it to bloom.

Well have to go, the boys are in the tub!!


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Cindy-I too have an order in with Jody for the TNN#1 Co-op.
Hope we get them soon. I really feel sorry for her and hope she can get them shipped out soon.

Carmen & Lisa--Thinking of you today. Lisa thanks for posting and letting us know how it is going. I hope you will be out tending to your daylilies before too long. Have you noticed the days are getting shorter. We have lost 30-45 minutes of daylight time here.

Here's iris Wildcat pajamas (Paul I sent this one to you)
I love the names they give these.

Do any of you grow canna Cleopatra? I just love it you never know what the next bloom will look like. All different.

Spacecoast Sweet Eye

Spacecoast Gator Eye

With this ring

Spacecoast Dragon Prince


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Hi Everyone,
Checking in, been so busy hurrying around trying to get everything done before it gets cold. (been in the low 40's here a few nights)

A lot of prodigals checking in I see(big grins)

Yes, Anita has a "very Large" order in with her. She is very unhappy. She did the coop with butterfly chaser, and those came right away, she tended them carefully and she lost a few of those. Can't imagine what condition(if any at all) these plugs will be in, if and when she ever gets them shipped. The lady may not be able to pack and ship your orders, but she sure can be over on ebay buying plants left and right.
Must say it is great to see you posting. Please don't go into "sticker shock" over your doors and windows.
Tell sis we are hoping for a fast,easy delivery. give her a big hug for me.
Very glad you have power now. it will make it so much easier for you.

Heres wishing you a very speedy recovery. Do you have a corn bag? They are "the best", for strains, sprains, and general aches and pains. Moist heat, and it lasts a long time. I always use mine when I have problems with my back.
LMK, if you don't have one, I can send you one. They are awesome.

Beautiful pics. Love "tremor"

You have the heart of a poet. And the eye of an artist. Wonderful idea about the "purple wave"

Wish I could help, but i don't have any of them. Hope your order comes through. big hugs.

Mary B,
Great to see my "neighbor" posting.
daylilies blooming yet..Final touch, Commissioner JW,yabba dabba doo,Nanuq, ice carnival, playing with sharks,honey redhead,joan senior,catherine woodbury,and at least 8 different "no names".

Hugs and prayers. Keep the faith.

I am so sorry to hear about the tree down. I totally relate. We had a big one come down too, it split in half, and hit 4 of my beds. We still have one more pile to get cleaned out of the driveway. On your daylilies not doing well, try some bone meal, and a very light sprinkle of pellitised lime. I did that earlier this summer, and mine are doing great, they have multiplied nicely.

how are you? Hope you still have all your briancells, what with the wedding and all. big hugs.

I used to have cleopatra canna, lost it, but, yes I agree it is one of the prettiest. Love all the DL pics, but esp like "with this ring" VERY pretty.
I sent you an e-mail, did you get it?

Does anyone have the DL "FANTASIAN"? I got it in a trade(I believe from one of us) but, I can find NO INFO on it anywhere on the web. It isn't even registered on "eureka". I would love to find out info, I want to use it in a DL cross, but don't know if it is a dip, tet, who hybridised it, etc.

It has occured to me that i opened my big mouth(grins) and said I would host a "Peony - iris swap"
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, , here goes,(more grins) could any of you who are still interested let me know "AGAIN" (sorry, smiles)
It will be for 3 iris, and 3 peonies,(and anything else you may want to include) Please let me know if you will be sending named or un named, and if you will take named only, or if you will accept any, and i will try and pair you up with a partner who meets your needs. Also, make sure your "want" and "have" lists are up to date.
Boxes need to be sent out no later than Sept. 21st. I will give everyone till aug. 23rd to sign up, I will send out partners names on the 24th. That gives us 4 weeks to find, pack and ship. Sound good? LMK and thanks.

Hope I didn't miss anyone,
big hugs to all,

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Marea wrote

Dianne, I copied your daylily list onto my Dianne page in my TD notebook & will watch for them - if your boat doesn't come in there, ok? I saw something of you in the DVD movie FARGO that Debbie sent out on our DVD robin. Heroic & junk, ya know...

Now, THAT needs to be explained! Do tell.

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namso(Z5 OH)

Jo, the ahs registration info is now online and free. :)
on this page you must put in the search name exactly to get the info. but if you go to the top tabs there are some other search features.
wish i could do your swap, but divided iris and peonies earlier. none left :(.

TNN- after the latest stuff, went back to get my pay info, and found i paypaled by checking account not cc afterall. lesson learned. so i guess im just waiting to see afterall regardless. thanks for all of your input. :)

Maryb & Lisa - glad to see you posting.

Shirley, love all your pics. esp the dragoneye. loved that braided edge.

Dawn, ooh power!! things are going to speed up now :). keep us posted on the new arrival.

Another seedling. tons of substance...thick as leather. but a bud count of 4. somehow i cannot bring myself to cull this one though.

Cindy /namso

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Carmen & Lisa---Thinking of you today. Hope you both are doing ok.

Gloria-Are you up to your neck in this wedding? Let us know.

I have a lady who wants to join our group. Her name is Bambi and we have just traded some daylilies with each other. Wow does she ever pack a nice box. She has an
awesome spider collection. Her gardenweb name is blacktulip_wi..Please let me know if she is accepted into our traveling daylily group.

Jo-If you want a piece of Canna Cleopatra when we trade LMK and I will send you some.

Cindy-I couldn't get rid of that daylily either.


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namso(Z5 OH)

ok, In addition to Jo's and denis swaps, with G's ok to muddle the waters a bit:), i will try hosting:

Quick End of Season Daylily/hosta swap
Rules : send 6 names daylilies & or hosta. get the same. 6 total plants. No extras or other stuff. keeping this one simple.

. signups start now and end on Thurs.
. plants to be mailed no later than Sept 6. its getting late for some of us. :)
. if you only have or want one or the other, its ok. someone will be happy. just specify when signing up.
. pairings will be posted Friday.

dont email me through gw, i dont think i get them.

Maryb, got you in.

Marea, lol...did see you there. was glad i was looking for other stuff. and i dont need anymore, but who can resist?:)

G, want pics of that wedding! very close now.

Shirley, anyone you like is ok by me :). you may want to email though? might get you a quicker answer?

club sale is today. gotta run.


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

if shirley says she's good, i'm ok with it. and wow what a list she has!

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Shirley - I vote yes to anybody you want sponser!

Cody - that seller is Melandjim...

Dianne - The heroine of the movie Fargo is this pregnant police sheriff who is smarter than anybody else in the movie. She solves a series of horrendous crimes while staying perfectly polite and kind and fighting moral revulsion and morning sickness. But the reason I saw YOU in her is that she kinda looks like you, is from the midwest & is very brave...

HOLY SMOKES did I get a BOX from MaryB today!! TWENTY TWO PLANTS that I have drooled over at the nurseries but could not afford. She also sent me a whole beautiful basket full of skin care goodies, the best nylon/rubber wet work gardening gloves I have ever seen & a very cool visor hat with terrycloth sweatband in my favorite colors this year, POUNCE cat treats that Bowie promises to learn to do tricks for, he likes 'em THAT much, a huge bag of fruit & creme life savers... im overwhelmed. She sent me SIX Hostas and FIVE Coleus, it goes on and on - she shared an incredible daylily she knew i didn't have, 'Starman's Quest', and 'Starship Enterprise' Iris -- I'm so grateful!!
OK - back to potting plants. Herb has to pack the truck without me this afternoon, marea

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Holy smokes, what a box!!! I received from Angie todaplant markers alum
springy dalmation yard decoration
cute birdhouse
little lavender fairy statue
pink gloves
dragon fly plant stake
wilsons spider
jungle princess
pandoras box
grape ice
spacecoast hot topic
iris full tide
asiatic lilly corrida
Thankyou Angie i love it all
my first brug from seed, don't know its name, first bud

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Morning Everyone,
Cindy, thanks for one last opportunity to swap some daylilies and hostas! Should be fun! Love your seedling pictures. How cool it must be when you finally get to see them bloom.

Shirley,I say yes to blacktulip also. I almost contacted her a few weeks ago to see if she wanted to trade. I was lusting after some of her spiders. Didn't really have the time to complete a trade right then though. Hope we can welcome Bambi into our group soon.

Oh and SHIRLEY, don't know if you got Anita's email from yesterday cause I know my emails to you never go through. I know you have a TNN #1 order. Anita informed us that we only have 45 days from payment date to file a dispute with paypal. I REALLY hated to do it, but I paid on 7/6 so today was day #44 for me. In light of the fact that there has been no word from Jody in a week I felt I had no choice. Hope you will check into this and try to get a refund if you can. I'm hearing that the plants received this week are in pretty bad shape.

Dawn, I cannot believe that your sister is due already. Seems like not long ago you were excited and telling us that you just found out she was pregnant. Wow, time does fly! Speaking of things flying - the house progress is great! Like your website. Love the little golden Lilly bird in the corner.

"Neighbor Jo" - chuckled to myself last year when you began in the middle of August trying to get everything done for the winter. Waited too long myself and was doing things in the cold last year. Got too many plants in too late too. Do you remember me saying I was going to watch for you to say you were preparing for winter this year? Well, guess your post from the other day is my nudge that it's time to get moving! Can you believe it? Think we need to move down with Shirley or Gloria and get that longer growing season.

G., how long till the wedding?

Blooming today - 'Clothed in Glory' (thank you Marea!) Spacecoast Double Edge, Court Magician.

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Oh Cody, meant to say that I will email you mini and huge hosta list soon.

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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Sign me up for the swap. I would prefer all daylilys, but can send both.

TNN#1-Man I hope all of you guys at least get your money back. That is just a bummer. Cindy I see it was too late for you to get your money back did you order a lot?

I am still losing plants from that co-op, I think it was the heat here also. I just hope my blue corydalis comes back, that is one plant I have been wanting forever, I have a yellow and I love how long it blooms.

Wishing you guys more luck there.

take care

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Mary, sign me up for the daylily/hosta swap too, please.
I didn't mention how much i LOVE the dragonfly wind chimes you sent!! I don't like wind chimes usually but this one has an elegant simplicity & symmetry & is my favorite patio color!! Perfect. Thank you!

Here is a view of my wheelbarrow full of Holy Smokes Box that arrived from MaryB yesterday:

I'm so sorry you guys got tangled up in a sad co-op! I hope it works out well for everyone. You guys are the best & deserve the best!

Gloria - love & prayers & remember to breath.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

i meant daylily/iris swap. marea

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MaryB-Yes thanks for reminding me about the #1TNN co-op. Wow did that deal go bad or what. My paypal money comes out of my bank account so don't know if I can re-coop my money. I paid on the 7th.

Cindy-Yes to Daylily/hosta swap. Would love to get a few more good trades in before the season ends. Thanks for hosting.

I have yes's for Bambi-blacktulip_wi joining our group from:
I will also e-mail everyone so we can get her in for our next swap. Gosh I have really grown to love those spider daylilies.


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namso(Z5 OH)

Current Swaps:
Denis fall

Jo's - Peony/iris

Cindy's - Daylily/hosta Update:
Cindy (namso)
Mellon (has more hosta)
Angie (wants all daylilies)
Miss Marea? living by her own choices....:) dl/iris? we can adjust. or is she hosting a 4th? :) grin.


TNN#1 -Angie - not as much as many people $60. the really irritating thing to me is she has apparatently dogged some people who really trusted her, including some here. good people like that dont come around often. i hope for their sake she comes through.

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Hi All,

Cindy,(and everyone)
thanks for posting that about my peony/iris swap, but I am going to cancel it. I have had all negatives on it so far, so there is no point.
I don't dare to do any more swaps for daylilies(or hosta) this late in the summer,wish I dared,but wouldn't want to lose them. So, I will sit out on yours, but thanks anyway.

Have a great night everyone,

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

if you still want to do a peony trade, i do have a few of them that are extras. let me know.

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

My paypal comes from checking also. I don't think that matters when getting a refund from paypal. If you were trying to get a refund from your credit card company then it would have to be paid from a credit card and not your debit card (which comes directly from checking). This is my understanding of it all. Hurry and get over to paypal - go to history and get the transaction ID #, then go to resolution and it's a super simple 2 or 3 step process. Seriously took me about 3 minutes to do. HURRY - today may be your last day you can do this.

Sorry to do this here everyone, but I don't think Shirley gets my emails.

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Jody has been a friend, but all of you here are friends, so I agree get your money if you can. With all the problems I don't know if she can pull this one out. I don't want to see any of you lose your money. Paul, help, here is my baby's bloom what is her name ? hugs carol

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Good morning everyone!

I took off this entire week and am on vacation! Well, not really, lol. I still have tons of work to do. I just wanted to be available 24/7 for my neice's arrival. She's due Friday! My sis told me yesterday that "nothing's happening". We're all just waiting patiently. My luck, she will come next Monday at 6am when I am back on the golf course.

Carol, Brugmansia seedlings are not true to parent plants with the exception of true species crosses such as arborea. Where did you get your seed? I'm really excited about your seedling......thanks for sharing pics. I'd really like to see a pic today if you can post it. And tomorrow too. Could you also show one of the entire plant? Most seedlings end up turning out white, so you may be really lucky. : ) Also, when did you start your seed?

I have an almost 3 year old Brug. seedling that i've been waiting to see bloom. It's a really nice plant with lovely, serrated leaves.......but *sigh*, is taking so long to put out it's first flush. I'm hoping this Fall. Normally, they can take about 2 years so it's not unusual...i'm just impatient.

Beautiful pics, Shirley. I grow C. 'Cleopatra' too. It's such a fun plant.

Jo, sorry you had to cancel your swap. I really would love it if we did an Iris swap next year. I have tons to trade.
I've been frequenting JoAnn's quite a bit lately.....between the baby shower and my other sis's wedding (Sept. 9), there's been alot of stuff to do. I was there yesterday looking at filler greenery for some vases she is doing for the church. Basically red & white roses with a few sprigs of smaller white flowers (baby's breath), but we need something else. Too much stem showing.

I made her some wrappers for Tic Tacs yesterday and they turned out really cute. I make custom candy wrappers for special occasions or advertising, etc. Hoping to put up some of my designs on Ebay as soon as I get a minute. I can custom wrap almost any kind of candy.

Marea, great swap box you got there. Did Herb get that truck packed yet? ; ) And when is the official moving day? Do you have one?
I loved "Fargo". One of the best movies ever.

Well, all you Hosta enablers, my Hosta collecion has become enormous and I am so excited about my new Hosta garden at the new place. I was so excited that I forgot to take pictures yesterday, lol. Will do so later today. I've been working on clearing out this patch of woods:

Right up beyond the Bobcat is where the house will be. I wanted the Hosta garden to be visible on the way in and out.

Cut out a few trees and cleaned up sticks, raked leaves, etc. Yesterday I began to lay out some paths and hopefully by the end of the week I will have added a compost/soil mix to the beds. I have over 200 Hosta to plant and need to get moving. I really think it's going to be neat when i'm done. If I have the room in that particular area, I will also add my Pulmonaria's, some Ferns, and toad lilies too.
It is so great to finally have shade. Opens up a whole new world of gardening for me.

Today is a big day for us.....our blueprints are finally complete and I meet with the inspector at noon. Designing the entire house from top to bottom and drawing the blueprints ourselves wasn't easy and I sure give my DH alot of credit. I am very proud of him. I can't wait to see our design come to life! Keep your fingers crossed that the inspector okay's the prints and gives us our building permit. We are so behind and need to get started right away if we want to have the house under roof by the time the bad weather arrives. We only have about 2 good months.

I have a metting at 4pm today with a garage door company. Hopefully we can get the doors on the garage soon.

Barb, Lisa, & Carmen......I am thinking of you all and hope you are feeling really great today.

MaryB, thanks! And yes, I cannot believe it's time for baby already either! She could arrive at any moment and we are all so anxious, nervous, and excited.

Shirley, I say yes to blacktulip. : )

Angie, sorry you're losing plants. Such a mess we are all in. : (

Well, I better get moving. I have to run to Kinko's to get copies of my prints made before my big meeting.

Hi MamaG, Anita, Debbie, Paul, Cody, Cindy, Dianne, MaryS, Rebecca, Nancy, and anyone else I may have missed.
Hugs, hugs, and more hugs,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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The only brug I have that turns from yellow to pink is Pink Beauty... but you say it's a seedling? I heard about 95% of any seedling turns out to be white (no matter the parent) so it's rather rare to have a seedling other than white. If so, you cannot call it a Pink Beauty... you may have to come up with a name of your own :-).

Great to hear from you. I was beginning to worry about you. My hopes and prayers are with your family. Such a relief to know you like your "daylilies."

Take care everyone...

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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Thanks all for admitting me to the group! I traded briefly on GW about 1 1/2 to 2 years ago but then my computer went down and I only got back into things a couple of months ago.

I am a single woman living in west central Wisconsin, have a small house and an acre of land. I'm half an hour from the Minnesota border and work in the Twin Cities. Daylilies are my favorites (my acre has become a daylily jungle) but I also grow all kinds of irises, peonies, tree peonies, hostas, roses and various perennials. Spider and UF daylilies are the top of the list with me though I am sure everyone guessed that...lol!

Looking forward to the next trade. Does anyone have some great spiders to swap? :)

aka Blacktulip

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi Bambi, and WELCOME to the Traveling Daylilies!!

It's nice to have you and i'm sure we all look forward to getting to know you better. Not only do we have a great time trading, but the friendships made here are even better. Feel free to jump in anytime. : )

I've always wanted to visit Wisconsin and Minnesota. I almost made a trip to the Mall of America once, but ended up going south instead.

A little about myself.....I live in Pennsylvania, just 30 or so miles southeast of Pittsburgh. I am a greenskeeper and the former gardener of The Madison Club golf course, the Administrator of our Masonry Company, and I was also running a small lawn & landscape business called Dawn's Lawns until just a few months ago. I had to give it up because we are building a house and I just didn't have enough time to squeeze it all in anymore, lol.
I'm married w/ no children...yet. We're working on it. I am about to become an Aunt for the first time any day now...my sister is due on Friday.
I love birds and have several that are our "children".
Besides Daylilies, I love to grow Hosta (my current obsession), Brugmansia, tropicals, variegates, and pretty much everything else. I NEED one of everything, lol.
Love ponding and have many fish. I'm also a long-distance runner and love to get up real early to get a few miles in.

Unfortunately, the only spiders I have are black and furry and I don't think you would want to trade for them. ; )

I'm excited that you like Spiders and UF's......I do too. Just don't have any yet.

Well, hope you have fun here with us!

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Thank you so much Dawn! I have alot of those black and furry kind also...I really don't need anymore of those guys at the moment. However, if anyone is interested in trading for some delightful Boxelder bugs, please email me: I have a limitless supply!


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Welcome Bambi, You all have me wondering if maybe my brug is from a cutting, I have 2 one didn't bloom this year it is probably the seedling, I also picked up a cutting at a local swap. here is the whole plant, will get a pic of it today, it is huge.Little guy next to him must be the seedling.

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

why don't we all send bambi an email telling her a little about ourselves?

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namso(Z5 OH)

WELCOME Bambi, glad too see you jumping right in.

ive been collecting daylilies for almost 10 years now. Right now my passion is on the hybridizing side, although i remain directionless and probably will. i love all kinds. kindof light on spuf's though. I have very little shade but have also been bitten by the hosta bug of late. :)

Carol - your brug is beautiful.

Dawn, wow, your new hosta garden is going to be awesome.

Jo is in. :). She fought a long hard battle of about 30 seconds....love her. Jo has also kindly agreed to help me a bit since this is my first time, so forward all complaints directly there. lol. Just kidding Jo. TAKING SIGNUPS ONLY UNTIL THURS. Pairings will be posted Fri as those in the North need to send and receive pretty quickly. Max ship date is 9/6. Anyone else?

Cindy O/namso

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It is so gorgeous out there this AM, I am fit to bust.
Just wanted to stop in quickly and wish everyone a very happy Wednesday (over the hump day y'all) Lots to do, so have to get moving.


I live in the Finger Lakes region of NY state, beautiful country here. Mother of 3 (all grown) grandmother of 4 with the 5th on the way. DD's first due on Oct 27. we are very excited. I love spiders too, have several, with many more on my wish list. We will have to check it out to see if we can do a trade. We live on 2 acres, working on making most of it into gardens(grins) I have a large collection of perennials, lean heavily towards plants that are uncommon. Love brugs(have over 20) 2 largest in bloom now. Have a large watergarden, a tub garden, an urn water feature, and a small, but natural looking creek in the middle of my "family garden". I also have a bog garden and i have several LA iris in there along with several Japanese Iris, Astilbes, marsh marigolds and 5 different sarracenias(pitcher plants)
We have 4 small dogs, one very old cat, 3 cockatiels and assorted fish in the watergarden.


Beautiful brug. Love the color.

Your place is looking good. Keep posting those pics.

What a wonderful gift. Can't wait till Deni gets a pic posted.

Well, hope I didn't miss anyone, if I did, I am sorry. But, the sunshine and gardens are calling, and i must answer.

hugs to all,

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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

6 AM on a perfect August day. See the cat gazing at the sunrise, trying to go blind?

Welcome welcome Blacktulip!!! i like UF's and spiders, too. I live on 80+ acres in the rolling Amish area of OH, with my DH, 2 Cairn Terriers and an Italian greyhound (who rule our lives) plus 4 cats. Our 4 daughters are grown and gone and we have a 14 mo. old granddaughter, who lives way too far away in MN.

My garden is coming along as fast as my very patient DH can dig and plant, but we're not as far along as we'd like because of a series of spinal surgeries I had over the last years. We keep a woodsy feel, and I can't ask DH to support an excessive collection of plants for me, so my gardens are modest but satisfying. I start a lot from seed, and this year blooming bushes and trees were my focus.

Maybe I have a daylily odd form you'd like to trade for one of yours.

I love native and woodland plants.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Oh my gosh Barb!!!! Why haven't you shown us that spendid view before????? I'm not sure if i'm looking at a deck or a meandering boardwalk through the woods, but I LOVE IT! Just fabulous! Looks like a nice, little slice of Heaven.
Guess I didn't realize you lived on 80+ acres, either. Wow-wee....that's alot of gardening space, LOL.

Thank you Cindy and Jo. : )

Carol, I would bet that the small one is the seedling. Cuttings can bloom the first year....i've had many that have done so. But seedlings usually take a bit longer, although it's not unheard of. Keep me posted on the little one.......i'd love to see it's first bloom.

I got a big load of a nice, soil/compost mix delivered today up at the new place. I am ready to spread it into my new Hosta beds and will be planting soon. I can't wait. Another box of Hosta arrived today from a co-op....how am I ever going to plant over 200 Hosta??? I guess I must be crazy.

My meeting with the inspector went okay last night and we are one step closer to getting the building permit so we can start on the darn house already. I did run into a few hurdles today which turned the good mood I was in after getting that stinky soil delivered to a much more aggravated mood. I hope tomorrow brings more positive feelings.

Just picked up my bridesmaid dress for Sis' wedding. Looks really nice. We worked on flowers for the church again this morning...things are coming together.

Other Sis is still pregnant. Should be any minute now....

I took a few pics and will show you when I get them loaded in.

Time to eat.....

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Bambi-Yeah...welcome to our group. So glad you wanted to be a part of this group. I have two grown children, a daughter and a son. My daughter has our only two grandchildren, Brittney (16 yrs) and Dawson (2 years). They live beside me and I love it. A white fence separates our homes and my DH says once Dawson passes through the fence its sanctuary to him (no spankings on our side). AS you know I LOVE SPIDERS. How many times did I change my mind as to which ones I wanted to trade for? You had too many that I wanted. I live close to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. I work at Zickgraf Hardwood Company, they make hardwood floors. I am in the purchasing department, I along with two others help buy the wood that makes the hardwood floors. Been there 24 years next February.

Dawn-Loved your recent update it's really coming along now.
200 hostas? I say you must love them. We need pictures when you get done planting all those.

Barb-What a beautiful scene. When I first looked at it I thought someone had retaken a picture out of a magazine. Just beautiful and so peaceful looking. 80 acres? I want to come and live with you, you want even know that I am there. My 3 acres is almost full already. I visted Ohio 10 years ago. Went to see the Amish. Gosh I love the way those folks live. I could really get into that.

Jo- I hope to work on our trade this week-end. Weed pulling and digging is just about to do me in. They grow wheather it rains or not. Volleyball has started back also. I can't believe I am playing this year. I got a brace for my ankle and I tighten it very tight and off I go. My DH said if I damage it worse than it already is he does not want to hear about it. I had two girls that can not play this year so I could not let the team down by quitting too.

Bambi-Let Cindy know if you want to be in on this swap. Thursday is the deadline to sign up. I sent you the rules of the group.


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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Thank you so much for the very kind welcome!! I intended to post yesterday but I suddenly had the chance to apply for a much better paying job and I have been completely distracted by it.

Please sign me up for the daylily/hosta swap. It might have to be all daylilies with me though, because I'm currently not growing any cool hosta varieites...just the standard
ones. I've been collecting daylilies like crazy but haven't done the same with hostas...well not yet anyway. :)


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Good morning everyone.:) Just popped in to say hi to all of you that I have missed gabbing and trading with. Glad to see everyone still here and well. Sherri

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Hi Everyone,
just popped in real quick to say hi.

Hello right back, great to "see" you.big hugs

How beautiful. So serene and peaceful looking. You lucky girl.

Hang in there, I know you, you will bounce right back into a good mood. You are an optimist. big hugs for you too.
BTW, saw your team on a NFL special,getting ready for the season. Hope they do well this year. GO STEELERS!

okie dokie. Please be careful of that ankle. My oldest DS severely injured his ankle(hyperflexed it)when he was in cross country. The orthopedic surgeon told him if he reinjured it ever again, he would have to have surgery and it would never be the same. They have to pull up and shorten the tendons, and tie them of, it makes it quite stiff, even with PT. So, you take care. Hope your team is awesome this year.

take care everyone,
hugs to all,

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Yaaayyyy Sherri - So nice to see you post. Miss you. Please come back????.........

Welcome Bambi! What is that I hear you say? No cool hostas? WELL! I could fix you up with that real quick. You will probably come to know me as the group's hosta enabler. They are my #1 love and I'm always happy to help others appreciate their beauty too. Daylilies run a very close second to the hostas for me. I'm also getting quite a collection of iris and am loving coleus and hydrangeas this year. I am married with 3 kids - 2 boys and 1 girl, ages 11, 12 and 13, daughter being the youngest. One dog - a 6 yr. old Yellow Lab. We've been in our current house for about 4 years. I have 8 acres so lots of room to plant, but the soil isn't the greatest so it's been a slow go amending before planting. I live in New York state near Rochester only about 5 minutes from Lake Ontario. This is an awesome group of people you will quickly come to love. Thanks for jumping in and posting so quickly - you will fit right in!

Cindy, as far as the hosta/daylily swap, you can partner me up with someone that either wants a mix or someone that wants all hostas back. I'll take either a mix or all daylilies. Thanks for taking this on - hope we get some more sign-ups today.

Jo, you are just like me - so weak when someone uses those two words in the same sentence - hostas and daylilies. How about this gorgeous weather we're having? Sunny and cooler - just like I like it. Only wish I had more time right now to get outside.

Dawn, can't wait to see pics of the new hosta bed that will be going in soon. Any baby news?

Shirley, do please take care of that ankle. As Jo said, sometimes they are never the same when you re-injure.

G., what's the countdown to the wedding? What's the actual date?

Better run and get something done. Been one of those days...

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

alright fine, cindy sign me up too.

jo are you ignoring me...i do only have that one feeling left, you're awful close to stomping on it!

about me. i'm 24, been growing daylililes for about 12 years, hybridizing for 3. i have somewhere around 500 cultivars. i also collect, orchids, semps, sedums, roses, hydrangea, peonies herbaceous/tree, hostas, heuchera/heucherella/tiarella, iris bearded/siberian,japanese, ornamental grasses and japanese maples and now epiphyllums (thanks paul). we have a small attached greenhouse where we grow in the winter. i live about 10 minutes from lake michigan and we have about 2 acres of garden. i also raise unusual chickens. maybe we can do a trade in the near future. i really like the spiders.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

BARB !!! Your deck, I'm guessing, at Sunrise is Magazine Cover Breath Taking!! So happy for you - stunning beauty ALL around you! That silly cat's meditation IS odd, isn't it?

BAMBI - a big welcome from me. too! I live in Oregon with my DH & 6 cats, 300 daylilies (but only 3 spiders so far) and 36 hostas, which are mostly from our own MaryB and MaryS, the OTHER Hosta enabler. Grow lots of bulbs & succulents & roses etc, too - I love experimenting with new species, and this generous group certainly gives me lots of chances!
I grew up in the Twin Cities, and lived in the Eau Claire WI area after college - traveling thru your neck of the woods often. I wanted to buy a place in Stillwater, but ended up married to an Oregonian & moved out here instead in the early '70's...

Sister Jo, what a happy making mood you're in! Hurrah!

I have one Brug - a variegated 'Maya' cutting that Canna sent me - it is growing and branching but no flowers yet, I need to remember to fertilize it.

and dearest Dawn, thank you very much for keeping us up to date - I am so excited for you about your niece!! And praying for a miracle for you with the planning commission - those hoops to jump strain saints, I'm sure.

Back to packing boxes - will be completely moved by end of Sept now OR BUST! ~marea

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WOO HOO---Do I see some matchmaking that I could do here?
Bambi...single Cody single.... Both love daylilies and other plants. Let's see how far apart they are.

Bambi-You will see we have lots of fun here. Cody and Meghan actually had a bet going last year as to who was the prettiest. Wellllllll it was a toss up. Cody was so handsome and Meghan so beautiful we could not choose.


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blacktulip_wi(z4 WI)

Marea, this is too just too funny--I am orignally from Altoona, Wisconsin, the little town right next door to Eau Claire and I work in Stillwater. Stillwater itself is a lovely town but almost all of the farmland is gone and it's fast becoming a suburb of St. Paul.

Jo, Hi again! The lemon lilies I received from you bloomed for the first time this year and were quite lovely. Perfect old-fashioned daylilies.

Barb, I would love to trade for one of your odd form daylilies - in fact I would like to trade for three of them. :)

Sherri, Hi again! Did you receive your daylilies yet?

MaryB, You are so right...I do need cool hostas!! The more the merrier. Love Pat is my favorite.

Cody, Hi and thanks for the welcome! I would love to trade spiders with you.

Shirley, I am looking for a RICH, RICH man and then I won't have to work anymore!

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Right on Bambi....You can learn to love them right. Gosh wish I had a rich husband, just think I could buy all the daylilies, irises, and hostas that I want and let a gardener take care of them.


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