so someone IS using it!

wilo(Central Texas - 8)June 5, 2010

Thinking about it:

This looks inviting:

AAAAAHHHHH! refreshing!

I was sitting less than three feet away. Yes, it was THAT hot and the bird must've REALLY needed the drink, huh?

Only thing I've seen using the birdbath is bees. shrug

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denisew(z8 TX)

I get plenty of birds at our bird bath. My silly cat will lay on the table inside the house waiting for birds to come bathe. She gets so excited and occasionally will run her head into the window trying to get at them! The birds usually don't see her because there are a couple shrubs between the window and bird bath. She gets really excited when the doves visit because they're so much bigger than the other birds! Good thing she is just an inside kitty!

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Great pictures and great idea........running the water tubing to a birdbath!

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wilo(Central Texas - 8)

denise, I worry that I'm drawing the birds in for my silly dog to get them. Accessory to murder, as it were.

red geranium, I'm basically a lazy gardener. I saw that the company who does the dripper irrigation I use has a birdbath kit. my birdbath is nothing more than a white metal plant stand with a large resin(?) saucer on top. I added rocks to give the butterflies landing places and to keep the saucer from flipping off. So I just ran the tubing up the metal stand and used rocks to hold it in place. any water that drips over just waters the plants around the birdbath so I don't have to feel guilty about "wasting" water. I had the extra tubing and I had the extra dripper. I can afford free. LOL I used the smaller volume dripper and it more than fills the saucer. I have used the sprayers too and sometimes see birds showering in it while it is on. My sister says they are "frolicking".

When it gets this hot out, I'm afraid I don't often think about filling birdbaths. or watering potted plants or weeding or deadheading. . . you get the idea.

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