Tulips and daffodils

KLAugustJanuary 2, 2013

I'm a newbie and I want to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs for spring. Garden faces south.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - can't be basic enough!


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If you mean planting them as bulbs, you are a little off season. Tulips and daffs should be planted in the fall around October 1-Nov. 15 so that the bulbs have time to grow roots before cold sets in. The bulbs should be planted about 3X their length deep and if you do not have great soil or your soil is a little acid, throw a hand full of bone meal or bulbtone in the hole and mix with the soil before you plant the bulb with the flat end down.

Tulips should go in full sun (if you want any hope of them coming back). Daffs can go in sun/part sun and the deer and squirrels usually won't bother them at all.

At this point, if you can find bulbs , the best thing to do might be to force them. Pot up 5 to 8 tulip or daff bulbs or more in a green bulb pot (less deep than regular pots), water and cover in plastic or press and seal, place in a refrigerator for 11-12 weeks and then to a cool, sunny spot inside. Do it this week and you'll have tulips/daffs in bloom for April 15.

If you keep the bulb watered until the foliage dries up around June 15, you should be able to plant the bulbs in your garden for the following spring.

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cyn427(z7aN. VA)

Actually, here in VA, you can plant bulbs much later than November. Here in northern VA, I have planted as late as theend of December. I hope you went ahead and gave it a try.

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