Which tree to plant in spring?

bethinvirginiaJanuary 1, 2012

I am looking to plant a flowering tree on the border between my lawn and my neighbor's for some screening and also flowering. I planted some dwarf burford hollies but I have plenty of space to include a small or large tree as well because I realized I'd like to (eventually) have some screening for part of my deck from the neighbor's deck. The area is full sun. I'd prefer a native plant, like a white dogwood, eastern redbud, and would prefer one that does not have tons of leaves to rake or high maintenance.

I also plan to put in a white dogwood closer to the house, would it look strange to have a matching dogwood?


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I think a Pink Dogwood, Japanese Cherry or dwarf Crab Apple should all look nice .

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Serviceberry (Amelanchier) is also a nice native tree that flowers in spring and has berries that the birds adore.

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You have a lot of choices. Part of it depends where in the state you live. We vary between warm coastal areas and cool mountain areas, which can affect what you might be able to grow. It also depends on just how large of a tree you are looking for.

When I think of screening, I usually turn to evergreens. My favorite natives for this purpose are southern magnolia, American holly, yaupon holly, southern wax myrtle, and red cedar. Rhododendrons and mountain laurels are great if you live in an area where they will grow (I don't).

Non-evergreen natives that might work for you (lower maintenance and have some sort of interesting flowers, bark, or leaves) include bald cypress, river birch, any of the hawthorns, white fringetree, or any of the Viburnums.

Hope this helps!

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