Hatcher Mango

NatsGarden123(10a)October 12, 2011

Can anyone tell me about this mango variety? A friend of mine bought a tree and is was quite expensive for its size. Is it worth it? Trying to repopulate my tropical fruit tree collection ( bought a new house with 2 acres)

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murahilin(10 fl)

Use the gardenweb search feature. There are a few posts about the Hatcher mango. If you have any other specific questions that werent answered in the previous posts please do ask.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Yeah, Nat, I heard somewhere on a forum discussion here that this mango was way over-hyped (by those who discoverd it and are selling it of course). I think it was a big colorful mango too, but the flavor (and maybe fiber) were not very appealing...

But the mango itself is a real eye-catcher (from what I remember, anyway)

And as Murahilin says, u should find something on a topic search for previous posts....


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Keitt Mangoes are very large too...larger than Hatchers I believe.

You will notice that all of the records for the largest mangoes are of the Keitt variety.


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While Keitts have the ability to get large, Lancetillas are consistently larger. I am not sure why you are comparing mangoes by size. I buy mangoes, whether fruit or trees, based on taste. Neither Hatcher, Lancetilla nor Keitt would be in my top picks of trees to own unless space and money were not a factor. Ahem, Harry, calling Harry... :)


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the issue with Hatcher isn't that it tastes 'bad' or is fibrous (its not), but rather that it is simply over-hyped.

I personally wouldn't pay that much for a 3 gal tree (last I remember seeing they were selling them for almost $100). The fruit is also quite expensive as well if you buy it from their farm. Funny enough, there's a guy that lives on Lawrence Zill's old house across from the Hatcher grove and Hatcher is one of the least popular mangoes he sells....and he sells them for less than the Hatcher folks do! haha

Just goes to show how what good marketing can do for you.

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HAHAHAHAHA Yep. Marketing is pretty powerful. Then you have shops like Zill's High Performance Plants that eschew marketing altogether; they rely on good old word of mouth and seem to be doing quite well at it :-). Lemon Zest anyone?


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Jeff - you really need to get out more :)

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After being used to eating Haden mangoes, eating a piece of lemon zest mango was a flavor shock for me. LOL I didn't know a mango could have so many awesome flavors in one bite.

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zands(10b Fl)


Hatcher mango grove is in Lantana. You can buy Hatcher trees and mangoes there. The Hatcher family says the Hatcher mango is one of the best in Florida. The grove goes back 60-70 years

"In the 1940's nursery owner John Hatcher believed he could create a better mango and left quite a legacy for the rest of us to enjoy! A large, beautiful, juicy mango, the Hatcher Mango - a unique variety of tropical splendor."

Here is a link that might be useful: The Hatcher family mango grove

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according to that link....4 mangoes for $50. What a deal! :)

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here we go again...as murahilin said, please do a search on the garden web and you will read what/how people feel about the Hatcher. There is no point in rehashing this...they get enough ridiculous marketing as it is.


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Stirred up a bit of controversy here!! I really want one of those lemon zest mango trees...forget to hatcher idea

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man...and I thought Tommy Atkins is THE best mango variety ever??? lol...

all jokes aside, cuz of Jeff's unprecedented marketing skills, I now must own a Lemon Zest. Anyone really far down south in SoCal (like ME) want to share an order?


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hmmmmm, Tim.....you've peaked an interest in me - where would you order the Lemon Zest from - Zills? And do you have any idea how much bread it would cost?

I really don't like Lemon taste - does it have a lot of that flavor in it?

Maybe JF from La Habra would want one too!!!


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McGruff...JF's already got one, check this thread.
Most likely, i'll get it from the same place he did. Let me know :)



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I've had my tree for 7 or 8 years. This was my first year I had fruit. Only 11 but one got knocked down and destroyed 1 day before I decided to pick it by a squirrel.
It was 2 full pounds. It is now my favorite. In order to buy the tree I had to get on a waiting list and it was ready for me after 8 months. The twig of a tree cost $125. Quite a lot. The Hatcher grove is in Delray. I had to drive up there to get the tree. The grove is only 4 acres and there are 100 trees planted in 1940 something. It's the only Hatcher grove anywhere. Hatcher invented the fruit. The 100 trees includes some Haydens and Zills.
They get $7 per Hatcher mango. They hand pick each one perfectly. They ship all around the USA. My Hatcher is planted within 3 feet of a Hayden and a Keitt so I think it has been slow growing. The Hatcher is the best mango I ever ate. My top 3 have been Kent Nam Doc and Glenn. Not sickeningly sweet no fiber and no hint of turpentine with good flavor are my criteria. My eyes lit up when I tasted the Hatcher today and it shot to the #1 position.
I'm going to convert 2 of my young Keitt's right away to Hatchers so then I'll have 5. I also grafted a Hatcher scion to a very young Kent successfully. That tree has 3 main branches one of which is now a Hatcher. Also have 2 successful Hatcher grafts onto my big Carrie that now has 8 varieties. I have about 18 mango varieties so I know a little about Mangos. My trees are really super healthy and I hereby declare the Hatcher as the best Mango I own.

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