spring bulbs

lyviaFebruary 19, 2011

just wanted to share my spring fever...

I had my first crocus yesterday. The winner this year is purple. Two years ago I planted tiny bulbs under my tulip poplars, and I can't wait to see them this year. It was

gordon dwarf iris

muscari valerie finnis grape hyacinth

chionadoxa glory of the snow

siberian scilla

pushkinia squills

So I figure at least one group will not come back, and at least one will be happy and spread. I can't wait to see who the winner is!

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I love bulbs! Some crocus I planted last fall are peeking through, but no flowers yet. Every year I plant a few more bulbs, and this year I found crocus, exotic daffodil, and tulip bulbs really cheap, so I'm planting them in pots as I can pick up more pots. I also got some dwarf daffodil bulbs at the garden club sale, as well as some peacock lilies, which I look forward to planting after the first frost.

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have daffodils coming up! I'm getting excited as it warms up! Can't wait to get outside and dig in the dirt!

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I have daffodils and my tulips are peeking out of the soil but my crocus do not seemed to have made it. I may have planted them too deep...I was cold and rushed. :(

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