Help to identify this mango tree

Bigstick62October 20, 2012

In 2004 my wife went to Publix and bought a mango. It was soooo good she came home and planted the seed in our backyard. Today we have this wonderful tree with sweet and (purple) tasty mangoes with no fiber. However, we have always wondered what mango variety is this. Can you help us in identifying this tree? Thanks for your help

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Since it is planted from a seed, it is probably not a "variety." It is its own new individual with its own genetics created in the sexual reproducion of the fruit from which the seed came. Are you saying this is what it looks like actually today? Or did you mean that in the more general sense as in this current year. If it is in fruit like this now, that would be fairly note worthy and depending on the other charactristics of the fruit, may be something that is worth propagating. Where is this tree growing.....Florida, obviously, but in what general area?


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Hi Harry:
Thanks for your response. The picture shown was taken around July 4th earlier this year. It is currently not fruiting and has some new growth after we harvested all the yummy and delicious fruit. Just wanted to show it fruiting in case that would help someone to recognize it. If it also helps, the seed was very thin and flat. It is growing in Port Saint Lucie in Florida, which is north of Stuart, and south of Indian River county. Hope this helps.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

The mango shape and coloration is not distinct enough to really give a reliable ID of parentage just from a picture. The tree is producing nicely and based on when the picture was taken, is obviously a mid-season mango. Do you remember what the original mango looked like and when it was purchased. I'm sure you didn't note where it was imported from. With mango being imported from all over Mexico and Central America, there can be mangoes availble in Publix that totally differ in the fruiting season for those same varieties here in Florida. I am guessing that the fruit you had from which this seed was taken was either a Keitt, Kent, Haden or Tommy Atkins mango as those are the most common ones you would find in Publix. The tree you now have is a seedling of one of those and is its own unique individual.


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Thanks Harry, you have been a tremendous help. I googled a couple of the mangoes you mentioned and it looks very to be very close to how the Tommy Atkins looks. I say that because of the purple color, but then again you never know. I can hardly wait till next season to harvest some more :)

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With how well that one is fruiting you can freeze a lot of them so you have them over a longer period.

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It truly is a prolific bearer of mangoes. The picture above shows the remaining fruits on the tree AFTER we had a freak wind event. My kids were able to fill a recycle bin full of mangoes (mostly half ripe) that were blown off the tree :) Still researching to try and find out the variety. All suggestions are welcome. Harry has given some very helpful insight!

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Dear Bigstick62,

The fruit shape and color, and tree branch structure is definitely a Osteen mango tree. (Mangifera Indica). You have the Florida variety, which bears mature fruit purple in color. The Spanish variety (European) has similiar branch structure, but fruit has some yellow color when mature. Beautiful tree..lucky you!

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Bigstick62, your mangoo tree looks so healthy. If I may ask, how long did it take it to bear fruit from the day you guys planted it?

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