Looking for a park near Linden Virginia

nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)February 11, 2008

Several years ago I took some botany courses at GMU in

Fairfax VA. Dr. Bradley was an expert in the field of plant identification and part of the classes involved field trips to various sites either for collecting plants for study (relax folks, only by permission) or to observe populations in their native environments. One place in particular was a lot of fun in the springtime. There was some kind of park several miles north of Linden, VA which was full of trilliums, jack in the pulpits and a horde of other spring delights. I have absolutely no idea what this place is named or how to get there. My only clue is that it might be on Blue Mountain. I'd very much like to go there this spring so you see my dilemma. Anyone want to take a crack at this?

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I live near Linden but don't know what park that is. Sky Meadows state park does have trilliums in the spring. I have seen a number of other wildflowers there also.

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You probably visited the spectacular display at the G. Richard Thompson Wildlife Management Area on Blue Mountain. From John Marshall Highway (route 55) near Linden, go north on 638 Freezeland Road, and keep to right to go to the top of the mountain and watch for turnoffs/parking areas to the Wildlife Mgmt. Area (there are about 5-6) on your right. Some have big maps that show the trail system. The Appalachian trail snakes through the area. Trilliums in bloom usually first two weeks in May (I noted May 8th as peak in 2007). Also lovely yellow ladyslippers. Don't miss them!

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nightbloomincereus 7A noVA(7a Northern VA)

Thanks for both suggestions. I'll make the time to visit both parks before spring bloom sets in just to be sure. In the end I may visit both of them in May to see everything. :-)

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Are you talking about Silver Lake maybe. Im not sure if theyre still open though.

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There's not much in Linden but is it possible you were on Skyline drive??

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bart1(6/7 Northern VA)

blackdog got it right......Thompson WMA is where you want to go. Especially the section off of Freezland Rd. THat's where the VA Native Plant society has their spring wildflower/trilium walk.


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