Tropical fruits growing/ordering to Dubai

dubai-gardenerOctober 2, 2013


I have a couple of questions.

First is has anyone in UAE ordered fruit trees or plants from outside and had any issues with the customs?

Second question is do you think it's possible to grow these in Dubai, UAE:

Acerola cherries
Surinam Cherries
Jamaican Cherries
and similar tropical/subtropicals berries.
Do you know a vendor who will ship these to UAE? I am not looking to start these from seeds, I want to buy them as plants that will bear in couple of years.

Those of you in UAE have you come across these here in UAE? I haven't and would love to know if someone sells them.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

For nursery that ships, I believed Pine Island nursery in the Florida, USA ships worldwide

There are other closer nursery to you in the Canary islands, Spain, Germany and other parts of Europe and Asia of course. Look at this link at the other tropical fruit forum, that talks about the tropical online nurseries in Europe, that ships plants.

Sorry, I can't answer about the custom requirement of the UAE, but those link I provided are online nursery that ship plants.

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Thank you soaht, thats what I was looking for.

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