Mango trees not producing fruit, leaves falling off

Ocean-ReefOctober 13, 2013


I live in Homestead Florida and have two mango trees and a lychee tree and all are not producing much fruit, and the mango trees are started to shed leaves and the leaves still on the tree look kind of droopy compared to when I moved in here a few years ago.

I attached a photo of the mango tree that seems the most out of sorts if that helps, but we really want to save these trees. Without them our backyard is exposed to an apartment complex that is sometimes loud and not well kept. This is really important to us and we've been getting advice but I'm not sure what the answer is.

I've read that mango trees can develop a fungus if they are too much water, and although our backyard never floods the water does rise to the fence a few feet away when we get heavy rains. The house is pretty low with regard to elevation above sea level, so my options are unfortunately limited with regard to how wet the surrounding soil is.

The local tree farm advised us to put dish washing liquid at the base of the effected trees to clear up the fungus at the base of the tree, haven't tried that yet as we wanted to get other opinions before doing something might matters even worse.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Ocean Reef, aka Petey

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

Read through this University of Florida's report on Florida mango crop and it's pest/problem and how to solve them. Might have what you're looking for or ask your question on the The people over there are tropical fruit enthusiast(especially about Mangoes,lychees, etc.) Bet they can offer great advice on your declining health of your fruit trees. Might want to post a full picture of your trees for a better assessment too(including close up of the problem and what ever else is necessary). GL.

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