Newbie - Asparagus planting

JodiDCMarch 24, 2014

I am new to gardening (in Northern VA) and plan to plant asparagus. I purchased crowns through mail order and received them about a week ago. They are still sitting in the box they came in because (a) I'm still in the process of preparing the bed/soil, and (b) it is still sub-freezing, with snow forecast this week.

I'm wondering if my poor crowns have a chance of surviving if I plant them in a week or so once the raised beds are ready and hopefully the cold is gone for good - or are they already dead?

How would I know if they are viable or not?

And, if it's not already too late for them, is there something I can do now to protect them for awhile longer?

Am I correct in thinking that once the sub-freezing temps are done for the season I should get them planted in raised bed asap?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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