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new_cr8ionMarch 11, 2008

We have a fairly large lot for our area (a little over an acre) which was landscaped when the house was built some 20+ years ago. Has nice flow but the trees an shrubs are overgrown and needed attention. We have had to remove some of the ornamental trees they just were at the end of their lives, badly misshapen and too large to prune without killing them.

Thanks to this weekend's wild wind we lost our Bradford Pear. We knew this was bound to happen after reading about them online.

So I am looking for suggestions for trees that will grow on the faster side and be pretty as well. We have a white dogwood in the front and a silver maple in the back. This one may go soon as well as it is leaning to one side and is dangerously close to the fence.

Here is what we had and what we think did them in, looking for similar size and growth habits:

Japanese Maple on the front corner of the house. This side tends to flood when we get even moderate rain, we think it drowned. This is the same area the silver maple is and is why we think it is leaning, the ground just stays wet in the spring and fall. we are working to resolve the flooding issue by adding a drain and running pvc pipe out to the street.

We have a holly tree on the other corner of the house that just got all messed up when it was pruned "professionally" and has a lot of dead wood in the center.

For these 2 we'd like something with a smaller diameter but can be tall. We can extend the beds a bit to fit them in far enough away from the house.

In the side and back yards we just need shady nice looking trees as we now have only the precariously placed silver maple.

I am looking forward to any replies. If you know of any good garden centers in Portsmouth VA, please let me know because Lowes and Home Depot are useless when it comes to my endless questions...

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The area that floods might do well with a weeping cherry, but make sure to place it far away from the house that the roots would not interfer with you foundation, as far as the branches go out the roots go out that far. The silver maple is a very fast growing but shallow rooted tree. I am not sure I would keep it in an area that is wet and if you had high winds could blow it over on the house.
Hollys usually come back just keep pruning it back to the shape you want and be patient. If you do take it out dig it out or the stump will sprout. Since you soil is a bit more sandy than Nothern VA you could also look at crepe mrytle, but a warning once planted you can not I repeat not get rid of them they come back from the dead and if they shed flowers on while cement you get a brown stain. The shade trees are usually maples but not the silver kind. Check in Williamsburg with the horticultural center attached to colonial williamsburg they might have a few ideas for faster growing shade trees and might also be able help you find a decent nursery. Good luck, love the area you are in

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