Tamarind leaves turned pink?

dubai-gardenerOctober 9, 2013


I have a young tamarind tree on which the leaves turned pink. I don't know what caused this. They were green and only the new leaves would start as pink and would turn green later. Is it overwatering or underwatering or something else? Help, I don't want it to die, it survived the triple digits of the summer, can't let it die now.

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Do you have photos? Are you saying the green leaves turned pink, or just that the new leaves are staying pink?

Generally tamarinds are a very tough tree. You don't want to over water them, they need to be well drained. Heat isn't a problem, they actually prefer it.

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I am a bit confused now. I remember that the new leaves would start as pink and turn green. Now all are pink. I linked to a photo.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pic

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That does look quite strange. Seems like it lost all its leaves and now is having a flush of new ones. Quite frankly, I've never noticed anything like that with mine. I have about 30 to 40 trees ranging from about 2 metres to 5 metres tall. They always stay green and often lose some leaves during the hot dry weather. I've never noticed new leaves come out like that. I'd leave it go for a while making sure not to over water. Aside from the colour the leaves look healthy.

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Tropicbreezent thank you for reassurance. Every tree I have is special, I care about each of them deeply. I got it from my grandmother, RIP, who would always talk to her plants. Amazingly she had her indoor plants that lived for more than 25 years (and probably are still there). I don't recall other details of her routine but I clearly remember how she would tell me how she cherishes all her plants and that you NEED to talk to them. I don't talk to mine but I think about them.
I will report how the tamarind tree does.

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Well good luck with it. I checked mine this morning, no pink leaves. There weren't any new leaves flushing. We're coming out of out dry season and it's hot and no rain. When our rains come the tamarinds should start putting out new growth.

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