Are light spots on mango tree leaves disease? (picture)?

NoraKimOctober 4, 2013

I noticed today that some of my mango tree's leaves have light spots on them. They seem to only be visible when direct sunlight is behind the plant or when a bright light is behind it. Should I be worried about this and is my mango plant diseased? If it is diseased, would cutting off the leaves with the light spots on it help?

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hi NoraKim - no I wouldn't worry about the spots - you'll find these trees have all kinds of little things that go and go.

What I would be worried about is all the leaves that seem to have fallen off except where the budding part of the stem is!

Are you giving them enough light? It really seems like they are away from the window and getting too much shade....and how about water?

They look like they are indoors - where do you live - could be a problem unless you get them more light

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