Carrie's Datmansias ...

roselee z8b S.W. TexasJuly 31, 2014

Carrie recently shared these photos of her datmansias ...

They are beautiful, but I had never heard of datmansia ...

They are a cross of datura x brugmansia ...

A lady in Washington state hybridized these and sent Carrie four seeds for trial in Texas ...

The lady posted on the Network 54 brug forum as 'Karma Happy Toes'. What a cute name! Carrie says datmansias seed out very readily if you don't keep the seed pods cut off, but are easy to pull up when young. She says they usually come back every year from the roots except in a very cold winter, and that they would probably be perennials in San Antonio.

Carrie says she'll be back to posting on the Texas forums pretty soon. Yea! .... :-)

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mrs.wiggley(8 Hill Country)

Just beautiful! And the garden seems so lush. So glad to hear both Carrie and datmansias are doing well. Looking forward to more.

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Hi Carrie, those are some gorgeous blooms. They are so compact and tidy looking. That's really great that you got to try out those four seeds in Texas and that they did so well for you. Thanks for sharing the pics.

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Awesome, Carrie. So, do the datmansias bloom during the night/early morning (like daturas) or during the day (like the brugs)?


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When removing the seed pods or deadheading be careful of the sap from these plants as it can be toxic.

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

Nice ones.

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They are lovely! Do bees love them as they do Datura? Do the leaves smell like Datura? Wondering because I love the big white trumpets but I'm allergic to datura but not to Brugmansia. they need water and fertilizer like a Brug or maybe less? Can't wait to learn more when Carrie is feeling better. No rush....c

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So pretty! What time of day do they bloom? Lovely yard too. I'd like to see more of it.

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