where to find 'Juliet' Heirloom tomato plants?

rjvVAMarch 27, 2011

Can anyone please assist -- where to purchase Juliet (grape-like) Heirloom tomato plants in either northern Virginia or close to the beltway in Maryland? We purchased last year in PA although no sources yet to be found for the Juliet here. Appreciate any suggestions offered. Thanks!

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Are you SURE these are heirloom tomatoes? We sell 20+ different kinds of heirlooms plants each year at our greenhouse and none of our catalogs list Juliet as heirloom; I've only seen it listed as a hybrid.

If you can't find the plants why not just order some seeds and go from there? It isn't complicated to start them.



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We found the plants you describe at our local WalMart. I had never heard of them but the description sounded great so we are anxiously awaiting results.

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I bought my Juliet seeds from Park Seeds, I think.

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Juliet is most definitely NOT an heirloom tomato. It's an F1 Hybrid. I've grown Juliet a few times and if you love vigorous plants and lots of small grape tomatoes you will like this plant. My kids ate them off the vine all the time. I have seen where people growing them in hotter climates complained about the taste so if your in texas or florida you might want to reconsider

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