Gruss an Aachen

remuda1(7b Hood Co TX)July 24, 2010

I think that's how you spell it :). Just thought the different colored buds were interesting. Yes..... It's still in the nursery can so the growing conditions may have something to do with it (heat stress).

Here's one just for the heck of it. Saw this new kid this morning while hand watering. He had not traveled far to transform as there is a passion vine just out of the shot to the left. Nice breezy day to help him/her dry out and get that blood flowing to those wings. I'll think of this one when I notice that my vines are being chomped on!! LOL, oh well I guess we all have to make a living somehow.


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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Hi Kristi! Gruss an Aachen's flower colors are very variable, but that one flower almost looks like it sported to Pink Gruss an Aachen. It bears watching :-)

Thanks for posting the photos! Love the butterfly one too. It seems one can never have enough Passion vines to keep the Gulf fritillaries coming.

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