Glenn Mango in Corona

wildomOctober 23, 2012


Would a glen mango grow well in corona, CA?

I saw a few in Lowes, Mira Loma for $50.


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looks like you're in Socal, so it should do well.

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Yes, it will. I am in Corona. I have two in pots and one in ground. It is not doing well in ground because the soil in my yard is so poorly draining. The two in pots are doing well.

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Thanks for the replies...
gtw: do you have any issues with frost?
I know there isn't much in corona, maybe 5 days at most, but do you protect the trees with a tarp or something?

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I did protect the first winter I started growing sub- tropicals about three years ago, but the second and third winters I got lazy and did not protect at all. So far, no cold damage. I think that Corona only gets cold below freezing for a couple hours in the early morning, and it will not hurt most plants unless we get a hard freeze.
Good luck with your trees!

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Wildom - you can protect the newly planted mango with most anything - tarps, large towels, or this stuff called "frost cloth" which many of us use. You can buy it on line. It's great cuz it can be laid right on the leaves and they won't suffer the frost burn that some types of covers will allow to happen.

And I agree with gtw that you shouldn't have much of a problem with frost in Corona, but just to be safe for the 1st 2-3 years it is safer to cover.Glenn, of which I have one also, is supposed to be delicious but for the first two years I've pulled off all the pea-sized fruits to let the tree grow - Next year, being it's third in the ground, I will allow a few fruits to develop.

Well good luck and let us know how it goes!


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