Tomato Problem In Coastal Areas.

azee_2009May 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

In coastal areas, when High Humidity is present, Tomato crops finally dies after some sort of Tomato Leaf Curl problem.

I want to know

What this disease actually is called? What is its name?

If it is fungal problem or some viral attack caused by High Humidity or so?

Actually what happens is

30-40 days after transplants, leaves start to harden, then become liveless & curl upwards. During this period (at flowering stage) plant sets fruit but it doesn't reaches at normal fruit size & gets raddens as a tiny fruits. This problem stays around leaves & finally the plant growth stunted without marketable outputs.

Day time temperature at that time is 30-35C & night time temperature is 18/22C.

At that time there is a heavy dew fall & wind flows all the time.

Please help in this concern to diagnose the actual problem & what resistant varieties one should use....?

Plz help

Thanks in advance.

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If you happen to have any pictures, those would help immensely. It could be so many different things, and a picture, as they say, is worth 1000 words.

That being said, the leaf curling you are referring to likely isn't any particular disease, but rather it is most likely the symptom of a some sort of stress (it's called "Physiological Leaf Roll" or "Tomato Leaf Roll"). I think it's more likely that there is something environmental that's hurting the plants and not necessarily a disease.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Day time temperature at that time is 30-35C & night time temperature is 18/22C.

Days = 86 - 95 Fahrenheit
Nights = 64 - 72 Fahrenheit

azee's page says he's in Pakistan.

azee, how often do you water?

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Thanks a lot homegardenpa & missingtheobvious,
I don't have pictures right now, may be i can have few with in few days from a friend of mine. I will post them if available.
I must add.
I am talking about open field commercial tomatoes. Due to being cultivated in coastal areas the watering intervals through forrow irrigation stays around 8-15 days.
I must add.
This environment does't effects two hybrid varieties. Rest, none of any variety survives this environment.
Those are:
1: 1359 F1 Hybrid by Syngenta Seeds.
2: Dominator F1 Hybrid by Seminis seeds.
I could not figure out what characteristics these both varities posseses that enables these two varieties to survive the environment.
What you say?
I am looking for more hybrids that can fullfil seed consumption in our area & to come over the actual problem.
looking for any help.

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