lychee leaves curling?

tidusidOctober 14, 2010

I bought a small lychee brewster plant a few weeks ago. I already have a an Emperor. Today I went outside and noticed that a lot of the leaves were curling, they look healthy but they are just curled. My emperor looks fine.

Could the fact that during the summer it was in a shady spot in the nursery and that its been warming up from a slight cold front we had a while back make it do this?

Maybe I'm just not watering it enough either. I was watering it once or twice a week, I'm used to my citrus I guess.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Are they curling from the sides of the leaves towards the mid line or are they curling from the tip towards the leaf stem? Pictures would help.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Posted the picture for you. That looks to me like drought stress. Insufficient water. The new growths are the most susceptable to this. The already hardened off leaves have their own mositure source self contained in the hardened off foliage. This could also be a root problem, which, if it is, you'll see this drying up with the established leaves as well in short order. That, in case you haven't realized, is not a good sign. Funeral arrangements should be considered thereafter. But, I think it is probably the former and not the latter. How is the soil and soil moisture?

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Yep - I agree with Harry - it looks like water stress. The cherry rio grande or pitomba to the right also appears to be suffering from water stress. Make sure to keep them puppies watered. Just be careful not to overwater the lychee.


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Alright thanks guys, Yeah I guess I haven't been watering them enough. I've been so used to growing citrus and I'm new to gardening in general so I guess I skimped.

And Larry, thanks, but I linked it for a reason, so it wouldn't stretch out the page like you did, lol.

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