Richmond- Where can i get free compost/horse manure?

purilisa(7)March 12, 2009


Please let me know, where I can get free compost/horse manure?

I have been able to acquire excellent mulch(free) part of it has been cooking all winter. Henrico service areas have huge quantities of mulch(ground leaves and wood bark. I have had to make several trip accompanied with muscles ache to get these but its worth it. So if anyone's looking for this mulch you know where to find it.

Also, if you know of a place where I can get free wood pallet, wood for raised beds(that someone wants to get rid of) please let me know, i would appreciate it very much.

A new Gardener,


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Check the yellow pages phone book under horses and try calling breeders or trainers. Many places are glad for you to take it off their hands if you will pick it up. Others may even deliver for a price.

For pallets, try calling some hardware stores or plumbing supply businesses. Some have them free for the taking.


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Also try - I see postings under the "free" tab quite often for people looking to get ride of scrap wood.

Also, I don't know if there is a livestock market near you, but you might check them out for the manure. The livestock market in Orange will load your pickup truck or trailer with all the poop it can hold for only $10. I know it's not free, but it's quite cheap.

Good luck with the gardening!

~ Christine :)

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Thank you Sandy and Christine, I appreciate any and all tips:) If you come across anything that says "free" that could help a garden, please please let me know.

A Thrify gardener


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About the wood for raised beds, I'm in the planning stages on my new beds too. A guy on craigslist is selling railroad ties for $8 each. (avg dimensions 9 foot long, 9 inches wide, 7 inches tall) I'm a little iffy on using them for edible plants, since they were treated with creasote, but if he's got some older/weathered ones (so most of the chemicals would have leached out a long time ago), I think that's my plan!

Hanover County dumps also do the free mulch thing.

Anybody know where to get inexpensive wire for putting under my raised beds to keep the moles out?

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The trouble with railroad ties is that they're treated with chemicals you don't want leaching into your plants.

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