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nina_leeMarch 12, 2010

I live in Great Bridge and this is my first year really gardening. I plan to do a raised bed, with a version of Mel's Mix. My main question is.. can I start all of these from seeds outdoors? I keep hearing late April! Or do some of these really require that I start them indoors and later transplant?? PLEASE HELP




bell pepper

jalapeno pepper

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The cucumbers can be started outdoors a couple of weeks after your last average frost date. They actually do better that way because they really don't like to have their roots disturbed by transplanting them.

The onion seeds can be started outside now for green onions. If you want full sized onions, then you need to start from onion sets (small onions that were grown from seed last year.)

The tomatoes and peppers CAN be started outside in the ground but they will be very late producing anything for you. You can do "winter sowing" (see the forum here for that) or you can put the seeds in the ground after the last frost date. They will be a little earlier with winter sowing because the mix they're planted in is usually a bit warmer than the ground so they will germinate sooner than those put directly in he garden. The best way for tomatoes and peppers is to grow them inside with plenty of light and transplant them to the garden after last frost.

Confusing? Yes, but each plant has likes and dislikes depending in large part on where they grow in the wild. Tomatoes and peppers are tropical plants that require warm weather and suffer badly or die from cold.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for you help!! That's exactly what I was looking for! Now I am motivated to start inside for a few veggies!

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