Small flowering shrub - low sun

dark_starApril 29, 2013

I'm looking for suggestions for a flowering shrub for my front yard. I've got an area that can accommodate a shrub about 4' at the widest, and I'd like it to stay under 4' or so.
I'm in northern VA, zones 6/7, the spot gets about 2-3 hours of direct summer sun and a few more of indirect sun.
I need some ideas? Thanks!

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I have a lot of azelea bushes in N. VA that get partial sun/shade. They will work.

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Azaleas are ideal for the site you describe. If you get the reblooming Encore Azaleas, you will have a nice flush of blooms in the spring, sporadic blooms all summer, and another decent show in the fall. I love them for that reason and have just about stopped buying the traditional ones. They tolerate the part sun conditions very well, too.

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Rhododendrons (rhodies) are also evergreen shrubs that can fit that area.

A risky, but exotic evergreen shrub for zone 7 (sheltered area) is feijoa.

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