what about this cold weather?

tazebellApril 8, 2009

So we have had something like 3 days with snow, bitter cold temps and some wind. What is this going to do to what is outside? I have plants that didn't get in the ground, some that did, bulbs that are blooming and some that aren't, and a recently planted strawberry jar. A few garden plants in my fav form of raised beds: child's plastic swimming pool. I guess I will just wait until the end of the week and see? Too cold for me to go do anything outside, anyway!

Anybody grow Carolina Jessamine? I left mine potted by the front door over winter. Should I cut all the dead vines back? Will it even survive?

Everybody stay warm! Somebody told me spring was on the way! (May have been the Easter Bunny).

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The weather says it's 44 here but it can't be. I have all the windows and the screen doors open. It's bright and sunny. I'm getting ready to hang clothes on the line. Yesterday was a different story. It was cold, dark and gloomy. Had to break out the turtle neck when just a couple of days ago I was wearing shorts.

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Welcome to Spring in Virginia.

I'm not in southwestern Virginia and we only had one snow about a month ago, but we are still having some cold nights and days.

I never plant anything outside for the summer until after May 10th. It's hard because we usually have some really beautiful days in late April and early May but my rule of thumb is May 10th. That's when my grandfather said all the leaves on the trees were full grown and the chance of frost was gone. Although in years past, I believe we've had some frost even after May 10th.

Hope things warm up for you soon.


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Hey friends! We are up to 45 this morning, aiming for mid-60s, with lows staying out of the freezing zone for a while. I pulled all those plants I kept overwinter close to the house, under a roof hoping for those thunderstorms that are promised soon. As I mentioned earlier, gardening is all about learning and this winter's lesson was do a better job of watering those plants I was trying to shield from the winter weather.

Seems like most things survived, although I still don't know about the jessamine. I read it might not take the cold here, something I didn't think about. So, if it doesn't come back after I whack all the dead vines off, I am going to find another vine to grow by the front door.

Another dissapointment is my roses. They haven't done well at all - both those in the ground and those potted. I even tried bundling them up with burlap, but maybe it was too late. I have pruned the ones that aren't completely dead and who knows if the climbers reverted to root stock or not. I even bought one of those canadian types that are bred for -30F temps, but this is the last year I am going to fight them if they don't perk up. Of course, I have to add I had already bought 6 or so new ones so I will replace the dead ones for this year- but that's it!

One last problem are the azaleas. Coming from so many years in So Carolina, and such great success with mine there, I have not been so lucky here. Again, it might be too cold - I know I didn't grow up ever seeing any around here. If they don't leaf out and start to grow I am "quitting" azaleas.

gardens1948- I totally agree with you and your grandfather about the May 10th starting date. My daddy practiced the very same thing!

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