help asap - fredericksburg - plant for new mother!

shiane(z7 NY)April 3, 2009

Sometime today I will hanve another granddaughter, she will be born in Fredericksburg, VA!! This is my son's first born and second child (my daughter-in-law's 2nd daughter). My own daughter is babysitting her step-niece and the two of them will be visiting the hospital later today. I would like for her to bring a flowering plant from us to the proud new parents (we live in NY).

Since we don't live in VA, I thought that perhaps someone in Fredericksburg, or near there, would kindly recommend a flowering plant. Perhaps a flowering hanging plant or one that could later be transferred to the garden. If you live in Fredericksburg perhaps you know a good place to purchase as well.

Thanks so much!

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Congratulations on the new addition! I'm thrilled for you. As for the plant, I don't live in Fredricksburg but how about a rose bush. They are low maintenance and stunning. I mean really, who wouldn't love roses?

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I do live in Fredericksburg and work at the Hospital here so your granddaughter is probably here. Lowe's is close and is a fine place to pick up a plant... We also have a florist in the hospital that sell live as well as arrangements. Meadows frams nursurey is within 5 miles as well right off of route 3 west.


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