Why kind of tree is this?

ITSecGuyApril 4, 2013

I've searched and searched and I just can't find the answer to my questions so I'm counting on your guys/gals :).

A) What kind of tree is this (I'd swear that it's a Magnolia tree but I live in the DC metro area and thought those were only in the deep south)

B) Why does mine always bloom 2-3 earlier than all the others (of the same type) in my neighborhood every year?


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It's a saucer magnolia, Magnolia ÃÂ soulangiana. They bloom like this before the leaves come on the tree. Mine often gets hit by a freeze just as it's starting to bloom and the opened blooms turn brown. Some years it makes it past the freezes and it is gorgeous. The Southern Magnolia, magnolia grandiflora, is evergreen and blooms later. It has an incredibly sweet scent while the saucer magnolia doesn't have much scent at all.


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sara82lee(8a - SE Va)

We had one of these when I was a kid living in northern Ohio, far from the deep south! It was a great tree to sit in, and was a pretty good size, so it must have been happy that far north. It was always the first thing I saw blooming in the spring, before the rest of the trees in the neighborhood were even thinking of putting out leaves. I do remember, though, that when the blooms were done, they petals fell all over the driveway and stank if we didn't sweep them up right away. So there's your scent :)

I'm glad you posted this. I always wondered why, when someone here said, "Magnolia," the tree they were talking about looked different than the one I grew up with. I have to say I like mine (and yours) better! Now I know what it's called. I might find one to plant in my yard.

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