Why are my toms out in the heat fruiting and my other ones not?

KudosFromUdoMay 4, 2012

I started growing vegetables for the first time last year and tomatoes for the first time this year. There is something I don't understand. I planted about 20 tomatoes in partial shade because of the brutal heat around here. I started them in Feb and they are all 2-4 feet tall right now and some have flowers but I have no fruit.

What puzzles me is that, b/c of lack if space,I transplanted 2 Violet Jaspers, that I started late, out with my peppers in full sun in the 100+ degree heat(the last 4 days have been a "cool" 86-92 though). They are also exposed to the winds we have been having. Yet these plants both have about a half dozen little tomatoes each even though they are both under 18" tall and much younger than my other plants.

I thought toms couldn't produce fruit in extreme heat. Is it the variety or are toms much more heat tolerant than I thought?

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I do the same - a planting in full sun for an early harvest before the extreme heat and humidity causes my tomatoes to stop setting and a planting in partial shade for later but longer fruit production.

And I also had the same experience with the Violet Jasper last year. Which was unfortunate because that tomato was terrible - mealy and almost sour tasting but INCREDIBLY prolific even after I stopped watering it, hoping it would die but feeling too guilty to pull it myself.

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If these Violet Jaspers produce like you say they do, especially in this heat. I may grow more next year even if they do taste a little bland. We can use them in salsa. It should be interesting to see how these tomatoes act in perhaps the hottest area if the nation outside of Death Valley. I know my peppers are going nuts right now. I already have red Chile de Arbol and bell peppers, but I wish my Pasilla would turn black. They have been huge for a while now.

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You're outside of Death Valley? How cool! Ha - or not. :) Another heat lover I would recommend is the costoluto. I am also not a big fan of that tomato but production was good during the hottest part of the summer last year.

Big Rainbow and Cherokee Purple are also good with heat but are later to produce. And yes - pretty much all of my salsa last year came from the Violet Jaspers.

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