Dwarf Avocado fruit.

stanofhOctober 9, 2013

Mexicola- extra dwarf fruit. Taste is ok,not the best,but not nearly the worst..creamy. Edible skin,pealed is better. No scooping..peal,salt,and eat around the seed. Or mash if you have the patience. One last-- This tree is pruned to 7' with a goal of no more then 10'. I don't need this to be 20' with thousands of fruit!

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I got a few of those a couple weeks ago and wasn't super sure how to eat them. I ended up eating the skin which wasn't terrific. Peeling first would have been way better, not sure why that didn't occur to me. Half of them ended up going bad b/c I couldn't be motivated to eat them. Are they extra cold hardy? I've seen them up in the Sacramento area and I know it gets cold snaps up there.

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I've heard they are cold hardy for Avocado's. I'm in a z10a USDA,z17 Sunset. I might as well have planted Hass like everybody else if I knew the fruit would be this small.
I might remove even remove it. Start over.

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