Growing Gaillardia in NoVA

ravisankApril 16, 2012


I am new to gardening and was captivated by the colorful flowers of Gaillardia. I purchased a pot from an online store located in CA. I planted them last week in a sunny (west facing) location, added reasonable amount of compost to make the sticky clay soil of NoVA a little more well-drained. This week I observed that the lower leaves of the plant have starting getting yellow. I have not been watering the plant much as I read online that the plant prefers dry, well-drained, poor soil.

Not sure if I am doing anything wrong for the plant or is this just an adjustment for the plant as it adapts to the new conditions.

Will really appreciate insight from someone who has successfully grown these beautiful plants in the clay soil that we have here in NoVA. Thanks in advance

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Hi, I have grown Gaillardia. I got seeds in bulk from American Meadows. It grew very nicely for me. Looks a lot like Black Eyed Susan, but stays in bloom even longer. The only problem I had, it seeds itself quite readily so it has spread around my yard quite a bit. Bees love it. Also it attracts aphids. But I love this plant.

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