Rain Barrel source in Richmond?

pulldownclawApril 22, 2009

I've bought a few off of craigslist for pretty cheap and am in the process of building them myself, but wondering if anyone has found a good source for the food grade barrels. I found some 30 gallon ones at a carwash, but they had been used for the tire shine chemicals, and I don't think I want that in my garden, no matter how much the company says it's not toxic....

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dancinglemons(7B VA)


The Whole Foods store in Short Pump has them for $99 each. Just be sure your gutters and roofing materials are not toxic.


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Hi my name is Richard Beasley, there are barrels for sell near the Deap Water Terminal. I worked there off loading from ships from around the world. I know that thy do sell the traditional steel barrels (55 gallons) . I think the guy said they are twenty dollars a pop. I have toyed with buy one or two. I if you would like one, and if you don't live a quazillion I will pick one up for you. Maybe we can cut them in half and use them as a planter for Japaneses Maples. These are 55 gallon drums, and they last next to ever. Please don't ask what was in them however, Chapin Sprayers explained to me how to remove any harmfully contaminates. Double wash the barrel, then wipe them out with charcoal litter fluid, then just flush twice. I live in the west end close to Westbury,and Tuckahoe Middle School plus the new Library is just three blocks away, you know the libriray that let tens of thousands of dollars for landscap plants just die. At their request I wrote a indepth Report analysis why. If you just pay for some gas and when I get there pay for the barrels. I prefer to do it when you husband is home because I don't like people being suspicious,

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Richard, thanks for the help. I was looking for plastic barrels, since they are easier to work with and won't rust. Happy gardening!

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I found rain barrels with a dispenser at the bottom. They are $75 a piece but all the money from your purchase goes to the Friends of the Rappahannock. The Friends of the Rappahannock sell these at VA Outdoor Center in Fredericksburg. These barrels are blue in color and have a galvanized steel dispenser.

The gentleman that was selling these said that the Rappahannock is being depleted of water because of sod farms that are located in the watershed. So if you get one of these from the Friends or if you get one somewhere else I am sure Mother Nature will be very happy either way since you did your part.

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I found a guy on Craigslist located in Northern Richmond. Drove up there from Newport News and picked up 2 terra cotta colored finished barrels @ $40.00 ea and 2 unfinished at $15 ea. He has lots of barrels in his yard finished and unfinished. The finished barrels have a mesh on top, simple tap located near the top for an overflow and a 1/2" spigot. The barrels are cleaned up, lid painted black, and the outside scrubbed and hit with armor-all. Very satisfied with the product. Link to his site below. No affiliation with seller, just a customer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barrel Link

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I have plenty of food grade plastic barrels for $12.00-$15.00 each great for making rain barrels or composters. call mike 804-426-8557


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