winter damage

madcosta(Zone6/7 NoVA)April 24, 2014

I'm curious if anyone lost plants due to the winter we had. I have lost a shrub, fig trees and an upright Japanese Maple. This was an unbelievable winter.

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I believe that I lost my celeste fig and my brown turkey fig in Northern VA. Also appear to have lost a Russian pomegranate and an angel red pomegranate. So far my apache and natchez blackberries are not growing, so they are in doubt. I transplanted them in the fall. My fuzzy and my hardy kiwis, my fuyu persimmon, my peaches, raspberry, paw paw, jujube and Asian pears are growing. I tried to overwinter artichokes and to date they have not started growing, so that experiment may have failed.

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Charlie - Your losses almost mirror mine.

Here in Richmond, my "wonderful" pomegranate and globe artichokes are toast. I thought my Texas everbearing fig was gone, but there one tiny stem appearing to form from the base as of recent. Fuyu persimmons, peaches, raspberry, and asian pears are all ok as well.

You wouldn't happen to have a musa basjoo banana plant, would you? It's not showing any sign of life as of yet.

More losses - 4 yr bay laurel, red oleander, and about half of my roughly dozen varieties of rosemary.

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I grow a variety of mints in pots. I thought it was about impossible to kill mints, but I had at least a couple that died completely. Never had that happen before in the better than 20 years I've been growing it this way. Lost some young rosemary as well, less than a year in the ground.

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One of my muscadine grapes is growing. The other still looks dead.

The unprotected salavatski pomegranate has leafed. Just saw it this morning.

I've already replaced the rosemary.

Still waiting for the figs.

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I'm sorry for the losses but on a slightly brighter note....has anyone noted the decrease in slugs?! Maybe it's just here....I'm up on a Mt...but not one of my seedlings has been consumed this Spring! I think the winter has hit the slug population hard this yr!

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I thought I lost a dwarf crepe myrtle but it has finally greened out. A really old super big Tuscan Blue rosemary bush has also bounced back, if feebly. Mop head hydrangeas (that bloom on old wood) are leafing out from the ground but no blooms this summer. I've had to cut back the dead old wood. I wonder when they will bloom (if ever)?

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