How can I tell if my green beans are pole or bush variety?

birdietwine(7)May 25, 2013

I sowed two rows of green beans and two rows of sugar snaps in one bed, and I just built a trellis for them, with one climbing fence for the peas and one for the beans. The beans are about five inches and seem very strong and healthy. But now I don't know if what I planted were pole green beans or bush. Is there an easy way to identify the difference? They do not have those little sticky reaching arms that the sugar snaps do. Any bean advice would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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You've probably already realized what type of beans you have by now since it's been nearly a month since you posted but to answer your question, pole beans do not put out tendrils like peas do to grab hold of a trellis. Bean seed packages usually identify themselves as pole or bush but in case you got a seed without anything identifying it as such, the planting instructions might clue in as to whether the bean seed is pole or bush. Pole beans are usually spaced about 4-6" apart whereas bush beans are spaced closer. Also pole beans grow to 6 feet tall or more where bush beans are usually less than 2 feet tall. I hope this helps.

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