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keith37May 8, 2007

I am getting rid of an overgrown juniper (actually two, one on each side) situated at the top of my driveway, and would like suggestions for what to plant there. There is grass bordering both junipers now, and lyriope lining the driveway back to the house.

Any suggestions? I want something colorful to accent a white mailbox stand, but also need something that will look nice from the road most, if not all, of the year.

Thanks for any suggestions!


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megajas(z7 VA)

By white mailbox stand do you mean a post or a box around the mailbox area like a planter? Personally, I like those white picket fence corners (3 posts w/ 2 panels) as back drops, but that's just me :)

If you want a nice golden color shrub there are the false cypress, I bought a gold mop last year. It is supposed to eventually reach 5x5 though. You could put a dwarf pampas grass or miscanthus. Homestead Purple verbena is close to evergreen and blooms spring thru frost as a short ground-cover.

Honestly, what I have aat my mailbox is a trellis behind the box/post with mandevilla, a dwarf pampas grass behind that, 3 queen margarite daisies, some verbena and dianthus, pansies, blue hill salvia, mums, candytuff and white coneflower. I had some sedum too but it got crowded out. I leave the plumes from the grass all winter and the pansies and the dried husks of the coneflower & mums. Might not look GREAT during the dead of winter, but not terrible either. If you could say if you want evergreens or flowers it would probably help.


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