fig trees in northern va?

rian(7va)May 6, 2014

I have a huge brown turkey about 30 years old and another about 17 also a green fig (don't know the name) about 4. So far, no green leaves or buds. If you have a fig tree around here, how is it doing?

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I had a brown turkey, a celeste and two texas everbearing in Northern VA and all of them were killed this winter. Additionally, a fried has a very large green fig tree that has never been harmed by the winter, but this year the limbs were killed and it is senting up new shoots from the ground.

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I just checked my celeste and it looks like a shoot is emerging from the ground. I started 2 fico nero figs, 2 chicago hardy figs and 2 nero missione figs from cuttings. If the brown turkey and texas everbearing do not make it, I am going to use those to replace them. Since they will not have enough time to ripen their fruit before the first frost, I am going to use the "six and pinch" method to induce early fruiting. After 6 leaves are on a shoot, just pinch off the end to stop growth and the plants energy will be used to grow fruit earlier which will allow earlier ripening.

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All of mine (in RVA), and pretty much everyone I've talked to had theirs killed to the ground this winter. They survived, but they're starting over.

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When I checked this morning all three figs had new growth coming close to the ground on existing branches. I am hoping that as time goes on there will be growth higher on the thicker branches, and that we will get a good crop of figs this year after all.

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