Roma Tomatoes

GreenThumb85(6b Illinois)May 8, 2013

I did a veggie garden last year and I am late for planting this year for seeds, so i had to cheat and buy seedlings, but my question is do the roma tomato plants grow as big as the "best boy" tomato plants? I have planted two on opposite corners of a 4x4 raised garden. Also, is that too close to each other?

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The variety of Roma that I have been growing, are determinate, and max out at the size of a large bush. I'd estimate their peak size at around 3-4ft tall, with a max diameter of 24-30" across.

Last year I nearly got two full crops off the plants. Only reason the late crop didn't ripen come October, was the placement of my plants. So this year I moved my 8 Romas to a section of the yard that will still receive 8+ hours of sun in the Fall (full South-facing...). Fingers crossed we receive two FULL harvests of tomatoes off these 8 plants.

Opposite corners of the raised bed should be perfect.. I have my plants spaced about 3-4ft apart...

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