oriental persimmon trees

rian(7va)May 7, 2014

All 3 of my oriental persimmon trees have come through the winter without hesitation. They are all non astringent (no suede, mouth-feel if you eat them before they soften.) Hana fuyu, wasa fuyu, and ichi, which I'm told is a hardier sport of jiro.

If you are interested in landscaping with edibles, they are small, very beautiful trees.

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I have a fuyu in fairfax county and it does quite well, except for a big fruit drop in June.

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If I had it to do over, I would plant a Sheng which is one of the astringent varieties instead of all three sweet, just to help protect the fruit from squirrels.

Although there is something to be said for just having one variety. I forgot that cross pollination meant seeds and fruit with seeds, it turns out, is just not as attractive.

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I have not had a big problem with squirrels getting my fuyu persimmons, although I have a lot of squirrels. My biggest pest is crows. The damage a lot of fruit.

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