Now Carambola (Star Fruit) is in bloom for the 1st time ...

guavalaneOctober 9, 2010

It's very exciting that the 2 yr-old Star Fruit is in bloom, but what do I do next?

I purchased the plant from a nursery in Orange County and planted in ground exactly 2 years ago. The tree is squeezed in a tight semi-shade corner, and last year was snapped in half by strong wind. It's amazing that the tree has made it to 6 feet and is in bloom. Could you tell me what I should do to get some fruit? Thinning? Fertilizing? Wrapping/bagging? Thank you in advance.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Do absolutely nothing....except to sit back and watch the tree set lots of fruit on its own. Enjoy the ride!!


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newgen(9 Central California)

My starfruit tree has flowers every year, but no fruits! Planted in the ground 3 years ago, looking very healthy. Guess I'll just wait, and wait.

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i wouldnt over fertilize it with nitrogen or it will focus on growth and not fruit.

carambola branches are flexible and can be bent and "snapped" this provokes blooming and usually fruit

your problem may also be pollinator related

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Andrew Scott

I thought that carambolas didn't need a pollinator. I am hoping to buy one here soon but not if I need two trees for fruit.

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murahilin(10 fl)

Some varieties don't need cross pollination while others do much better with it. What variety do you plan on buying?

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any idea if Kari is self pollinating?

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Where did you purchase it in orange county I have been trying to buy one.

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Which nursery did you get your star fruit from?

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I think Arkin and Kari are self and the rest need pollinators. I have a Sri that has not fruit at all. I was trying to figure out what type to get to help it fruit.

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I have three maddening Carambola. A Kari, bell and Kajang. None have given me two crops yet while others I know have fruit almost year round... Grrr...

When they do bloom in mid august I hand pollinate them all and they set so much fruit the trees abort what they cannot support.

My first three years in the ground were like many on garden web, lots of blooms, and most of them fell of. I was lucky to get one or two fruits from each. Now I can rely on plenty of fruit for myself and I expect someday I'll be able to go to the Farmer's market to sell them and other fruits from my property :-)

I fertilize them quarterly, water regularly in the summer, winter I mostly leave them alone unless we get no rain at all here.

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I recently purchased a Sri, from reading most people don't get the short styles to fruit. Guess I should have researched before going on my clearance frenzy.
But I've read a couple of instances, including Michigan where they fruit heavily without the presence of a long style variety. It sounds like some regions might have a small polinator that can get the job done. I guess it could be the case of either mis-identification of plant type or longer styles on a short variety.
I saw a table awhile back listing all of the short and long style cultivars. There were quite a few in each column. The Kari and Arkin seemed to be the most readily available of the long styles.
Guess I'll be getting another tree.....again.
I think I'll wait until the tree irritates me by not fruiting.

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