Wild Grapes?

theflowermanMay 13, 2012

I have discovered that I have what appears to be a wild grape plant mixed in and among some multi flora rose and honeysuckle. I would like to attempt to rescue this plant and use the grapes produced. Were I to cut the plant back would it recover? How far back to cut it? When to cut it back? Advice? I also want to keep the other "weeds" as they not only look nice but they also screen out the neighbors view of my yard.

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If this is the grapevine that is growing all over my woodland, believe me, a little cutting will actually make it GROW!! You cannot "harm" grapevine! The only problem w/keeping grapes and other invasive weeds is that they produce suckers and/or lots of seeds and they can become difficult if not impossible to control!

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I can't comment on wild grape species common in VA - but have you seen the grapes this vine produces?
A significant percentage of many volunteer muscadine grape seedlings are nonfruiting males - not sure if that is the case for other grape species.
Additionally, not all 'wild' grapes are going to be an exceptional eating experience; other than an occasional native muscadine, most fruiting wild grapes I've encountered in KY/TN/MO are tiny little exceedingly tart things, and no amount of fertilization or pampering will push them beyond their genetic potential.
Just food for thought...

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You might consider grafting your favorie grape onto the wild vine. Should do well

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