how to get rid of a groundhog

donnas_gw(7)June 30, 2006

We had a groundhog living under our storage building last summer. He's back again this summer. Is there an easy way to get rid of this critter? Thanks.

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benzina(z6 VA)

A connibear trap or three will take care of most groundhog problems.


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How does this thing work and can I buy one at any home center? Thanks.

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If you live in an area where there are pets on the loose, do not use this kind of trap. It can severely injure and kill an animal unfortunate enough to trip it. That would include any children that might happen to see it and not be able to resist the temptation to see what it does. Probably not fatal to the child but definitely seriously harmful!

The best solution for groundhogs is a good marksman. If that's not possible, check with your local game commission and see if live trapping and relocating is legal in your area. It's not an ideal solution either but better than the suffering that can be inflicted by conibear traps. Do a google search on them and you'll see what I mean.

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lkaa(z7 NOVA)

A Havahart trap is much kinder and very easy and safe to use. You can trap him and try to relocate him. Though I would call animal control and see if they can help out.

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benzina(z6 VA)

In my neighborhood, dropping a groundhog off near someone else's place is fighting words! I cut the population by 16 this year, trap and .22, and my garden is shaping up nicely. I place the traps out of the path of people/animals and usually have what I'm looking for within 12 hours of placing a trap.

Which ever of these procedures you decide on, you're likely to repeat it often as there's no such thing as one groundhog.


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The best way to completely rid yourself of groundhogs forever is to get a dog. Groundhogs will assiduously avoid properties where dogs (even little dogs) have free roam. Occasionally, if your dog is very fast, it may force encounters between your dog and the groundgo... as a dog and animal lover this makes me nervous. However, our three lazy canines keep the groundhogs away with a lot of peeing and barking. Our historic property is riddled with evidence of great groundhog civilizations from the barn to under the front porch. These tunnel systems are vacant now, and the joy of having a dog in your life is far more rewarding than this incidental capability.

Groundhogs, rabbits, deer, geese... get a dog.
Rats, mice, moles, voles... get a cat.

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vlygrl(z6 VA)

I have a dog and she goes after the groundhogs like crazy - they are apparently her mortal enemies - but her presence has done nothing to keep the groundhogs from showing up.

I have two cats, both terrific mousers and I wish having cats would keep the field mice and voles at bay.

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I have dogs who chase the groundhogs, but they can escape and come back at night to do damage. What has worked for me is deer netting -- the plastic kind -- strung on the bamboo poles sold at Gardeners. Leave about 8 inches at ground level kind of folded outward. Since I've been doing this the groundhogs haven't gotten any of my vegetable garden (3 years). I had previously buried fencing, etc. etc. to no avail.

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tdev_riverbend: do you have a picture of what your deer neeting strung on bamboo poles looks like? I would really like to get rid of my ground hogs. Thanks

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jbcarr(7 VA)

Apparently Mr Zumbo lost his job at the NRA for suggesting that hunting prarie dogs and such with assault rifles (ie semiautomatic rifles) was unsportsman (and "terrorist") like.

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If you let him keep it, my Jack Russell Terrorist, Toby, will do the job for free!

Jack's generally love to dig and go after varmints...consider getting a JRT! They are the cutest, smartest things.

web manager
Mathews Co.

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if you can trap him in his burrow, you can pipe exhaust from your automobile via a garden hose or similar. Heard it's worked for others.

The havahart type traps have only caught juveniles for us. My son had to stake out the garden for days before finally getting an adult--thankfully after that they didn't come back the rest of the summer. But I know this year they'll be back again . . .

Having a dog didn't work for us either. I am afraid we will have to fence eventually.

One suggestion I've heard is to sprinkle cayenne or other hot pepper on their route to your garden. It's worth a try, but if they've already found out how great your vegies taste it may seem worth it to them.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I haven't any idea if it would be effective outside or for groundhogs, but I use Pine-sol [original formula] to keep mice, rats and squirrels out of the house and toolsheds. About a cupful poured into a shallow container (recycle a cottage cheese container) and placed so that the fumes can circulate seems to be sufficient for an attic approximately 1900 sq ft. If there are children or pets in the vicinity, the open container should be keep unreachable in a locked cabinet. I've been using it for about 20 years, and only have recurrent mice or squirrels when the solution has evaporated and I forget to refill, about every 3 or 4 months.

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tomatoes4ever(7 Fairfax VA (DC))

Everyone is missing the obvious solution........

Just show him his shadow. Ha HA. Sorry. I couldn't help myself.

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Thanks for all the answers. Funny tomatoes4ever LOL. We didn't see this groundhog but once or twice after posting this message. Last time I saw him, he went under our storage building. I turned on the water hose full blast, and sprayed all under the building. Haven't seen him since. Not saying I won't see him again, though, but hopefully it was the last time.

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Give him 30 days eviction notice,that should give him plenty time to find a new apartment.

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I have a thirty pounder living under my house. Icant shoot him in city limits. Although still likely. They tell me ill never flood or plu all thirteen of his wholes. Hes becoming a threat to children and too smart to trap Welcome To wild and wonderful west virginia

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I'm trying human hair. I have a groundhog that lives in a field right on the edge of my backyard. He is a frequent visitor in the yard. I bang on the window to scare him but he sits up and looks at me. He doesnt run back into his hole until I come out and chase him...the little bugger! If that doesn't work I'll try something a bit more drastic. Don't want to hurt him but it may be my last resort. There were a family of 3 babies living in the hole last year and I've had it with there snooping around the yard. I think one tryed to did under my deck.

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We have about 15-20 goundhogs living in our backyard--under our deck and our shed. It is not legal to shoot in the city limits and I have tried moth balls, bubble gum, amonia rags--NOTHING WORKS. We have tried live trapping, but with that many--there is just more and more--we cannot have a garden or flowers--we have about 3 acres and they are everywhere!!!!!

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For the person who has several groundhogs living in their back yard under the deck and shed. In the spring or fall when its wetter our, try flooding them out. Another method is to insert a exhaust pipe into the hole, closing up the sides with dirt. As long as there are no children around. I know it sounds mean, but I figure, It's me or the groundhogs. I choose me.

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I use a havahart live trap all the time to catch coons, skunks, opossum and groundhogs. I keep it set most of the time around my barn, shed and house. Of course I shoot the critter before I relocate it to the brushpile, its more effective.

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I have a groundhog and this wk end came back to my cabin AND HAVE 5 babies to add to the list, I have 6 dogs but i have a 4 pound yorkie that thinks he weight 80. I dont know what to do? getting ready to fence the yard, but there under the shed. Love my pups more than them, even though there cute!

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I have a family of 5 living under my front porch cause havoc on my flower beds. I can't shoot the little devils because we live in city limits...I swear they know it too bacause Momma makes it her business to sun herself on the top step. It's madening! We've tried live traps, and organic spray deterants with no results. I even bought a very expensive bottle of fox urine and spayed the perimeter hoping they would think their natural preditor was a new neighbor. It, so far, has slowed them down, but hasn't run them off completely. But it's only been 2 days. I'm hoping they just need time to completely evacuate.

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We call him Gus the groundhog ..we have a trap with tomatoes in it (which is what he was stealing from our veg containers on deck)..have a corgi she has not scared him away! Was told to soak cotton in ammonia. In a glass plate and put under deck!! Any help is appreciated. Do not want a family of groundhogs living so close!!

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Here's another idea that might work for some folks. We had a groundhog living under our storage shed too. We waited until we knew he was out of his den, then filled in his hole (the only entrance we ever found) with rocks; then covered it with a large piece of chicken wire, secured in place with heavy rocks. He couldn't get back in, and even if he had tried, we were committed to repeating the process. Never had to do it again; he departed and we haven't seen him since.

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