queen palm fruit

jesusislordOctober 15, 2006

Hi, does anybody know if the fruit of a queen palm is edible, or a good site that would give information on it. I just read about the acai berry , from a palm tree in South America, and just about a month ago was wanting to eat one of the berries that fell from my neighbors queen palm because they smelt so good! thanks for any responses

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

That's a good question and I don't know if the queen palm fruit is edible. They do smell good don't they, kind of like a jackfruit bubblegum smell to them. I did take a small tastes of one before, more of nibble and spit. Kind of sweet but even if its not toxic, I don't know how anyone could enjoy the fruit, its extremely fibrous.
I think there's several other options out there for fruit bearing palms other than the queen palm.

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banyan(NZ z10)

Theyn are edible, but I have not yet found one that tastes any good. Possibly that is because I live in a cool summer area, where sugar levels don't go high enough. I have found that the fruit on the Canary Island Date Palm (phoenix canariensis) can taste moderately good in a hot dry sumer cliamte such as Perth Australia, but here are essentially inedible. True eating dates (Phoenix dactiflyfera) is a good choice if you live in a very hot summer area.

The most common palm for ediible fruits in a temperate climate is Butia capitata, which can also taste very good. Often not so good though, there is a huge variation in flavour. Parajubaea and Jubaea palms have miniature coconuts for seeds. Some Brahea species have nice fruit.

Accai is probably Euterpe edulis, which would grow well in your area. This one is in temperate Auckland, NZ.

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Ok, thanks guys, that helped, i don't like watching all those seeds go to waste if there good for something. ha!

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is there a way to AVOID getting ANY fruit on a queen palm? If I keep it in a pot and limit the growth to 12'-14' tall can I prevent fruit?

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