Anyone successfully overwinter artichokes or cardoons?

river_city(7b)June 11, 2014

I lost all of my 2 year old improved green globes during the winter, despite the supposedly rated hardiness of zone 7 and above. Through conversation with other local gardeners, I've heard (though my source may be not entirely accurate) that cardoons are (generally) hardier.

Anyone actually successfully overwinter either thistle this last winter? Thanks!

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I grew 6 artichokes last year and tried to overwinter them by covering them with leaves and a basket in Northern VA, but they all were killed by a winter that got down to 3 degrees and had extended period cold spells. Thomas Jeffeson did it but I was unable to.

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I wonder if the artichokes at Monticello survived - I'm not giving up. Trying again with different varieties and planting methods.

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River - I have Thomas Jefferson's garden book and althouigh he mentions growing artichokes, he does not indicate how he overwintered them. I planted "globe artichokes. I believe I have a method that will work. Before the first freeze, cut the chokes back to about 12 inches high. Mound mulch up around them, at least 6 inches high. Cut the bottom from a garbage bagand place a bag over each plant, turning the sides of the bottom of the bag inside forming a circle aroung the plant. Place some rocks on the bottom of the inside of the bag to hold it down. Fill the bag with dried leaves at least 1 foot higher than the plant and tie the top. Cover the entire bag with a tarp or other heavy cover.

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shadygrove(z7 VA)

One person's experience not particularly helpful, but I live about twenty minutes from Monticello--just over the mountain its on--and had no trouble overwintering my artichokes last year. Needed some protection from Spring frosts after the leaves began to emerge, but otherwise, no difficulty. I urge you to try again.

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Shadygrove - How did you provide winter protection, if any?

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shadygrove(z7 VA)

Better late than never, CharlieBoring....during most of the winter, I didn't provide any protection...when we were going to have early-Spring frosts, after it had already started a little leafing-out, just took a big plastic pot, filled it full of leaves and plopped it over the plant at night.

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