Blueberries in fredericksburg

gastone21June 22, 2014

I'm looking to plant bb in the burg. Have prepped the soil over the past year and va tech says I'm good to go. Just trying to figure which cultivars will produce the best here. Ideally we'd grow organically. Good production and best tasting (subjective I know) are the primary requirements.

I've tried emailing virginiaberryfarm and ediblelandscaping, but haven't heard back yet so i thought I'd try here.

Thanks in advance.


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I drove over to Edible Landscaping from Fredericksburg earlier this spring to obtain some blueberries. I guess we'll see how they do over the next few years.

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I heard back from ediblelandscaping today. They said everything they have does well in va. Makes sense. Now to make the trip down.

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Most of my blueberry plants have grown and gotten stronger this summer. Although I ammended the soil with lots of ground up leaves, it seems that a couple of the plants may not have had it quite acid enough. I've added some sulfur, and hope that by next spring they'll be happy enough to grow even more. I can't yet decide whether I want to keep the area around the BBs covered in a thick layer of leaves, or whether I should go with a wood mulch (that is available for free here in Spotsylvania). I hope you had some luck - I hadn't waited on soil prep for over a year, just heavy mulching through last winter, so just hoped I could get them growing this summer. That they lived through it is a good sign to me. Now I'll help them really get going over the next couple of years. If the deer that keep coming into the neighborhood will leave them alone this winter, I think it will be okay.

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Recommend you try Prime Arkansas Freedom, a thornless, large, everbearing type. They can be bought through amazon (Hirts Gardens). I bought one recently and it arrived in beautiful condition.

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Those are Blackberries - a far different thing than the Blueberries this discussion started about. I've got young blackberries also, and I'll be expecting some to actually eat this year since last summer was their first here.

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