roanoke, va juniper grower has questions.

nubeJuly 4, 2007

hello, all:

i'm new to gardening, and new to this forum, so please, bear with me. i recently purchased 12 junipers, six blue star and six procumbens nana. they are beginning to get a bit brown at the tips. my father in law said i wasn't watering them enough, but the person at the greenhouse told me to water them two times a weeks, which seemed plenty to me. anyhow, i have been following that advice yet i remain paranoid. when i planted them (three weeks ago) i made sure to follow the suggestions fully and added holly tone to the soil (two cups per plant). i also recently watered with an acid loving plant fertilizer. i may just be paranoid. most people i talk to don't seem too concerned. i thought the power of the internet might help. also, if nothing is wrong and the brown tips are natural, should i prune them off, or is it too late in the season. sorry for all the words.

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