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dan_the_mailmanJuly 30, 2009

Okay, here's the new thread. I'm reposting the rules too. The August swap has been posted and is seeking players, so let's do what we can to get this one wrapped up, okay? But most of all... have fun and speak up! (and will someone get that bottle away from Linda? she's had enough to drink for awhile...)


The purpose of this RR is to make some new friends AND showcase our communities. Everywhere we live, there are unique places and unique items.

Posey County, IN: Mellons. Central Arkansas: soapstone for sharpening knives. Tucson, AZ: turquoise. North western area of MI along the lake: Petosky stones. Hershey PA: what else, CHOCOLATE! Maine: lobsters. Florida: shells (and if you can bottle it, sunshine). In my area of NC: Richard Petty and a wonderful pottery industry. You get the picture.

Here are the guide lines. (some people have an aversion to rules I understand)

1) Sign ups will be until July 2nd. If this is your first RR, please contact me first so that we can make sure you understand your commitment.

2) Partners will be announced on July 4th.

3) Boxes should be mailed to partners no later than July 15th.

4) Include at least 5 types of plants and and some seeds for summer/fall planting.

5) Include the recipe of one of your favorite summer time dishes and if possible, the non-perishable ingredients to make that dish.

6) Include at least two things from your local area that your area is famous for.

7) Fill the box the rest of the way with things you would like to get! (chocolate does not ship well this time of year folks!)

8) Everyone should use a box at least the size of a flat rate ship box (not the video box....).

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Margo, your box is on the road!..Here is your confirmation number #0309 1140 0001 0737 1425. I had a great time finding stuff to put in you box and I hope you like everything ..."nervously biting nail"...

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I am sure I will be happy with it. It sure sounds like you put a lot of thought and energy into it. I will be away until Sunday night so I won't be able to post about the contents until Monday.

Have a good weekend everybody.

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Just got back from a weekend camping trip, just the girls and I. My husband received my box yesterday. Apparently he opened it and hasn't been seen since. :)

Honestly, the box was loaded and one of the best I have ever received. Let me begin by listing the plants included. Despite being boxed up for a few days, they look great and as soon as I am done posting and sending Linda a thank you, they will be in their new home.

1. hollyhocks
2. Morning glory
3. Four Oclocks
4. Russinan stonecrop sedum (tons)
5. Liatris
6. Blackeyed Susan
7. Lamb's ear
8. Strawberries
9. Butterfly bush

  1. Hibiscus
  2. Sea holly
    These were accompanied by 7 sheets of information and growing instructions.

Also included was:

A big toad house with a toad sitting on top. This is adorable and will look great in my garden. I love to put ornamental things scattered throughout my gardens.

A box of Tastykakes which are from her area. Those will be opened once I weigh in at weight watchers tomorrow. Not to worry, I am a life time member so don't have to worry about indulging a little after my monthly weigh in.

A bottle of Heinz Ketchup which is also from her area. Ironically enough, we had our own Heinz ketchup plant back in the 70's here in Bowling Green. It has since been torn up and the Heinz-Site apartments are there now. (Also included were info sheets on both companies).

A cute frog wind chime, a USA hanging decoration, gnome pot hugger, pair of garden gloves, and a pair of garden shears.

Yes, there's more, a pretty journal which I will use next year to follow the progress of the seeds she sent after I plant them, glittering bug stickers, and two gardening magazines.

Some of the seeds include chocolate joe pye seeds which I really want. I planted some this year with no success so can't wait to try again and herbs for my future medicinal garden which includes sweet annie which is another one I have wanted for a long time. There are more seeds too numerous to mention.

Linda, I can't thankyou, thankyou, thankyou enough. The box was very generous and I appreciate the energy and the thought put into it. Margo

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I'm sooooooo happy that you liked it! I"m also glad the plants made it through. Your box was a fun one to put together...((HUG))

PS. the tastekakes can be addictive...

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did someone say tastekakes? where are they?

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Ok Dan, this is the story. I just had my Weight Watchers weigh in. As a lifetime member, I have to do this once a month and stay within 2 pounds of my goal. I was above that by too many so was forced to lose 3 pounds this past week to get back to my MAX weight, not goal. :0 A certain lifestyle for a week or so caused some problems. Anyway, I ever so slowly climbed on the scale and woo hoo, I not only dropped that 3 pounds but added another 1.2 to that. :) Soooooo, do you really think I want to share my Tastykakes.

Well, part of me doesn't but why would I want to eat all of those myself. I would be forced to work hard to drop more weight again. It was much easier when I was younger. I am on my way out to the kitchen to enjoy just one Tastykake and I will put some on a plate for the rest of you.

Go ahead and get a cup of tea and help yourself to a Tastykake. I really was going to share all along. Just wanted to mess with your head. LOL

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Margo, I thought I should warn you about something...hehehe.
I had some of those tastekakes shipped to me a few months ago because Linda was talking so much about how good they taste, and now they're all gone.
And, I've made roadtrips for a lot less before.
Oh, did I mention I've got a 3-day weekend this weekend?

Better bar the door and shut off the lights! LOL!!!

Oh, wouldn't you be surprised if I did show up?

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Dan, did you read my post closely, I left some out for you. There are still a couple of packages left. I will say, that are pretty tasty.

Our county fair is this week so I gave up worrying about how much I eat. The pork a leans are to die for and so is the corn the Boy Scouts serve. I was going to enter some of my flowers but due to some unfortunate incident in my family, I wasn't able to make it today and I forgot I have to take my daughter to a college visitation on Friday which is the next entry day. I went up there tonight to see how it is down and have some ideas for next year. I grabbed a bucket of fries that kept calling my name while I was there. Yum

I wrote down some names of a couple of flowers that were on display so will be adding those to my want lists. There were some amazing blooms there too. I saw a Bon Bon cosmos and Double Click cosmos up close and they were pretty cool. I tried growing the Double Click this year and if I had any success, it is in one seed and it hasn't bloomed yet.

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has anyone heard from Mark lately?

has everyone received their boxes?

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I haven't heard from Mark but he'll be mailing my box (again) when he gets back so I"m not worried about it.

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I know Mark's wife said he had gone to stay with his mother after she took a bad fall. I hope she is ok and nothing more has happened.

Thankfully, he has a patient and understanding swap partner.

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Ok, I just have to vent. I was outside gardening and this small kitten came up the driveway. The dog was trying to greet her and the kittem was not happy with the dog. I picked her up and she was friendly and very thin. We live in the country and I did notice two women walking last night and they were holding her. Anyway, I brought her in and she scarfed down the food I gave her.

I left her in the garage and my hubby, daughter, and her boyfriend and I went out for ice cream. On our way home, I turned the corner and there in the middle of the street was 5 or 6 more kittens and their little mom. My daughter and I got out as they scattered and a couple of them came up. Keep in mind it is pitch dark out and we had the headlights of the car to help. We were right next to a corn field so they were running in there. At one time, I had one and the mother and my daughter had three. As I was trying to grab the last one, the mom got away, then my daughter lost one and it went on and on while we tried to hang on to as many as we could. We finally had a total of three but then the littliest jumped. We decided to take the two we had home to join it's sister. They are all so cute, hungry, and loved to be held. We are on our way back to try and catch the others in a minute.
I don't know why people do this. Someone obviously dumped them because they are all somewhat friendly, even mom. I have to find somewhere to take them now but last time this happened, we couldn't find a rescue place that had any room so we kept that cat but just can't keep anymore.
It is so sad to watch these little inquisitive things in the garage and know some idiot had no regard for them or their safety. Will let you know how it goes.

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

I know..really tics you off, doesn't it?

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