Black sapote seedling variation

RodneyJSOctober 23, 2011

I wanted to know if there was a lot of variation in seedling grown black sapotes. I know that they grow fast & fruit within only a couple of years. Any input would be much appreciated.

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Curious here too. Of 30 seeds only had two take.

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murahilin(10 fl)

There is a lot of variation with seedling black sapotes. You may end up with a tree with only male flowers and never get fruit.

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I have a black sapote tree. I had it for over 10 yrs now. It had been chopped down and grew back. It did not produce for many years but the tree was very ornamental & evergreen so I kept it. Well 4 years ago in December, I went out to my back yard and picked up a strong chocolate odor from under the tree. A fruit I never noticed fell and smashed on the ground. I looked carefully in the tree & found another one. It was pretty good. The next year, I got dozens. Every year since then,,, tons! I believe the key is patience. They are not the most delicious fruit but they are extremely good for you. I have learned to love them. The big bonus is that they ripen in the Winter around Christmas, so they are great for a year round garden.

Good luck!


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eyeckr(z8a VA)


I love black sapote fruits. If you would consider selling any extras and ship I would be first in line to buy. Are all yours gone now?

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Hello eyeckr,

I just gave my tree a big trim for the spring. It was getting enormous. I had too try to manage her size. She's going through the Spring flowering stage. The fruit will slowly reach maturity over the Summer & Fall months. They'll be ripe come November, December. I can send you some then. No problem.


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eyeckr(z8a VA)

Sounds awesome Vince and thanks for posting a picture of your tree! Would you mind sending me a PM so I can get your contact info?

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