Teetotaling slugs?!

plantgrrl(7a)July 19, 2013

So yesterday I started beer trapping for slugs...woke up bright and early with sluggy vengence in my head--low and behold--NO slugs in my traps.

Dug holes, plastic tubs filled to within an inch of the rim. Dishes sit in the dirt with the edge at soil level. How long do you leave the traps out? How stale does the beer need to be--I just bought the cheapest available--Keystone Light. Is it too light? Should I add some yeast? What's up? Why don't my slugs wanna join the frat party? Dang bookish slugs. They're eating my peppers!

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Have you considered that the slugs may be in a 12 step program? Or maybe the slugs are sophisticated drinkers; try carona or heiniken.

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